Keep it simple: Lead Critic’s golden rules

Sometimes it’s good to remember that spending too much time in the details limits your ability to talk about the big picture. Michael Ferree at Lead Critic reminds of that in a great post on The 3 Golden Rules of Lead Management.

Check out the post for the 3 rules — I’ll just say that lead buyers who keep those three goals in mind are going to find that other details fall by the wayside. I’d actually recommend that all BuyerZone sellers print them out and tack them up by the phone to help you stay focused on the rules that really matter.

In other Lead Critic news, they’ve relaunched the Lead Buyer Network. It’s designed to be a place where lead buyers and sellers can network and ask questions. We’ll be following the Lead Buyer Network with interest — hopefully we’ll be able to talk to many lead buyers and sellers there.

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