Marketing tricks from Shaq?

Shaquille O’Neal is about to start his first season with the Celtics, and he is going all out to win over the city’s notoriously intense sports fans before he even steps on the court. The gargantuan center recently spent an hour posing as a statue in Harvard Square, giving hundreds of happy fans the chance to get pictures.


This on the heels of an August visit to Harvard Square when “The Big Shamrock” simply walked around for a while and chatted with the crowds, instantly endearing himself to fans who are more used to sports stars who avoid the limelight when they’re not on the court.

He also crashed a wedding at a Boston hotel, becoming possibly the most welcomed uninvited guest in wedding history.

And now Boston subway riders will have to keep an eye out for Shaquita — O’Neal’s cross-dressing alter ego. Will he go through with it? Only Shaq knows – but we wouldn’t put it past him.

Learn from Shaq: mix it up

There are several reminders here for marketers:

  • A little creativity goes a long way.
  • Even the simplest tactics can help you raise awareness if they’re outside your usual bag of tricks.
  • Don’t be afraid to be a little goofy. Putting a smile on someone’s face is a great way to introduce yourself to potential customers.
  • Thanks to Twitter and texting, word of mouth is more powerful than ever: after he mentioned the idea of the statue stunt on the radio, Shaq’s somewhat puzzling tweet was all it took to draw a crowd.

The Celtics kick of their season tonight — and Shaq’s creative antics have helped get Bostonians in the mood.

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