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Last week wrapped another successful Leadscon in Las Vegas. It’s always nice hearing from and meeting with people who know lead generation. Since BuyerZone is a lead generation company and this is a lead generation-focused blog, I wanted to share some highlights from the conference.

The conference kicked-off with a state of the industry panel featuring speakers from a few of the well-known lead generation companies, including ServiceMagic, Quinstreet and Bankrate. Like last year, much of the discussion centered around mobile and social media. In terms of mobile, more and more searches are being conducted away from the desktop and instead on smartphones and tablets. Is your site ready? 70% of sites aren’t. For social media, the general consensus seemed to be that there isn’t a proven playbook for using social media for lead gen – yet. For now, having a presence and offering resources and tools to potential prospects is the way to go.

As usual, Google was on the minds of many. We know they’ve entered the lead generation space with their mortgage comparison ads and Paul Franz, the director of mortgage comparison ads for Google, mentioned at Leadscon plans to move into other finance-related areas as well as an entirely new category which he would not divulge. Google also made news during the show for their recent algorithm change that affected many players in the industry, including a site acquired yesterday by Google itself. As always, it will be interesting to see how the dynamics of the industry change – especially with the growing presence of Google.  Speaking of Google, another theme that manifested itself during the conference was the role of display ads. When you think of display ads, you probably think back to Web 1.0, when banner ads littered sites, encouraging you to click on things you likely had no interest in buying. That’s changed though thanks to retargeting and just better data at our collective disposal. Display ads today are much more targeted, engaging and can be cost-effective especially with the pricey CPCs on the search engines. Or, as one panelist put it, display is also another way to avoid the “Google toll”. By compressing the purchasing funnel, many companies are going right to the customer instead of using intermediaries. That’s not to say that intermediaries are in any danger. Obviously the search engines, ad networks and lead generation companies aren’t going anywhere.

Other sessions throughout the two days centered on lead quality, the importance of speedy lead follow-up and the relationships between lead buyers and lead sellers. In a discussion about exclusive leads versus shared leads (BuyerZone’s programs are shared leads – multiple sellers following up on a single lead) the notion that there really is no such thing as an exclusive lead was an interesting way to put the ‘difference’ in perspective. I tend to agree, there is very little difference as the buyer is most likely shopping around even if there is only one seller receiving the lead. This tells me that lead buyers should always work leads with the same hunger regardless of the perceived competition. Finally, though lead buyers are always quick to point out bad leads, one panelist encouraged lead buyers to provide feedback on which leads do close. Lead sellers would love to know that data in order to better optimize the channels form which they source leads.

Overall, it was a great event and one I highly recommend if you’re interested in the latest lead generation trends or connecting with companies in the space. The next Leadscon is this August in New York City. Maybe we’ll see you there.

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