Content lead generation: it just works.

We’ve talked about the importance of using content as a key lead generation tool before. But as 2012 gets going, it remains as vital as ever. I was stuck by this recent Entrepreneur article, “Why Content is Still King When it Comes to Lead Generation” not because I ever doubted that content was losing its luster, but rather, how many businesses are failing to use content to their advantage.

In the article, there’s a great example of a pool company using content to educate potential pool buyers about how to buy a pool. The company has seen tremendous growth in sales as a result of this effort, thanks in large part to their focus on quality content. Think about that. A pool company. If they can do it, we all can do it. I know I’ve been frustrated in the past by doing research on company websites who really offer nothing in terms of education, or gasp, pricing. A little bit of content can go a long way. And it doesn’t need to be award-winning or lengthy, but it should be helpful to someone considering your product or service. That’s your one and only goal.

At BuyerZone, content has long been at the forefront of our strategy. If you haven’t checked out our site lately, we offers thousands of helpful articles on how to buy everything from a copier to a home security system. We also launched a resource center last year to help marketers learn more about lead generation (a shocker, I know). The reason we do it is because it works. It certainly takes time, but it pays dividends – for us and for pool companies. And it can for you.

What’s your 2012 content lead generation strategy? Let us know in the comments below.

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As Director of Marketing, Jeff is responsible for key online and offline marketing initiatives including customer acquisition and retention, demand generation, business development and public relations. Jeff has spent his entire eight year career at BuyerZone in a variety of marketing roles. Prior to his current position, Jeff managed the company's email strategy, affiliate network, external communications and has deep experience working with BuyerZone's sales organization.


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