Guest post at LeadsCouncil: 5 landing page mistakes we all make

I’ve got a guest post up at the LeadsCouncil web site: Five Landing Page Mistakes We All Make. I say “we” in the headline specifically because BuyerZone has made all of those mistakes at different points over the years, and while we’ve learned the lessons, we’re still not perfect.

As a result of #3 — constantly testing new designs and other changes — we’re regularly creating new versions of our landing pages. The trick is making sure we’re not letting old mistakes creep back in as we’re testing new improvements.

(If you’re not familiar with it, LeadsCouncil is a great resource for lead buyers and sellers. It’s an independent organization that aims to build trust and promote best practices, with the overall goal of helping increase the size of the lead gen market. BuyerZone is a founding member of LeadsCouncil and we’re glad to be working with them on our State of B2B Lead Generation Survey.)

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