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Back from another successful show in Las Vegas last week, I thought I’d share some brief notes and themes that I took away:

  • In his keynote address, Michael Norton, a professor at Harvard Business School, talked at length about the concept of labor illusion – meaning it’s important to be transparent with what is happening after you ask a potential customer to do something. The classic example is the lame progress bar, which while telling you the percentage completed (or something similar), offers zero value in terms of communicating what’s happening behind the scenes. Instead of offering very little, Norton suggests that showing the customer what’s actually happening is a powerful way to demonstrate the labor you’re performing – thus inherently making that person more vested in the outcome. One example of a successful application is a flight search engine that shows what’s happening after you enter in your criteria, but before a flight matrix is displayed. Why not tell the user the list of airlines being checked, flight combinations, class of service requested, etc?

  • In the annual state of the industry chat, the CEO’s of Quinstreet and Bankrate spoke about where they see the future of lead generation going. Content will continue to be king as well as a key differentiator for those without it, regulations (especially in education) will be a disruption, social media as a lead generation tool remains unproven in the B2B space, and the growth of mobile continues. Our thoughts echo many of these observations, as BuyerZone too is focused on producing more great content, cracking the social media code and mobilizing our sites for, well, mobile.
  • Lead quality and the ever present balance of quantity with quality remains a key focus. Those lead generators who work with lead buyers directly understand the importance of quality, while lead aggregators, resellers and affiliates are often to blame for unseemly practices which, at times, give the industry a bad name. 
  • Tim Ash, CEO of Site Tuners, spoke of 5 tips for great landing pages, most of which are fairly standard, but one — keep your promises — stuck with me. Throughout the entire lead generation process, marketers need to make sure what we state we’ll do actually happens.
  • In the click-to-call space, we know that timely follow-up is critical, but one stat really shocked me: re-contract rate drops to less than 1% after 30 minutes. That is mind-boggling to me, and just underscores how sales processes need to be not only relevant, but super timely.

Overall, another great show. Did you attend? Add your key takeaways in the comments section below.

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