Introducing BuyerZone’s NEW series: Industry Insights

Today we are launching our new expert column series, Industry Insights. Every week, Industry Insights will feature a new article on hot business topics, written by actual experts in the field. These experts have first-hand knowledge of current events you’ve probably been keeping up with.

Not only will these experts share their opinion on industry trends and news, but they’ll also offer valuable insight and advice you won’t find anywhere else!

Meet the experts:

To kick off the series, we focused on 3 core industries: retail, security and industrial. We searched for well-known experts and asked them to contribute to our site monthly.

The Experts

Joe, Evan, Gilon and Tina are our retail experts. They’ll be offering advice on popular retail tech trends, seasonable tips, customer satisfaction insight and more. To learn more about each of their backgrounds, visit their author profiles at Retail Industry Insights.

Today’s advanced technology comes with business security risks. In addition, a bad economy means more layoffs, which ultimately means more disgruntled employees. As a result, David Cullen, our security expert, will be covering these topics and many more on the Security Industry Insights section of our site.

The manufacturing and construction industry has a huge influence over day-to-day business dealings. But I’ll leave the details for our industrial expert, Matthew Littlefield to tell. Our Industrial Industry Insights section will cover a variety of industrial topics, from management tips to actual hands-on advice.

Be sure to check out this new column series and let us know what topics you want these experts to write about! Interested in being an industrial or security expert? Feel free to contact me directly.

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