Social Strategy Part 3: Encourage Company-Wide Collaboration

Once you have your social media plan, make sure everyone knows about it. This will help keep your team on track, keep the company in the loop, and keep collaboration going.

Step One: Present your social strategy

Take 15 minutes out of your company’s weekly meeting to fill everyone in on your social strategy. Inform them on which networks your company participates in, and how you use them. This way, everyone from the Tech Team to PPC team will know what to be keeping an eye out for.

Step Two: Introduce your social media team

The only way you’ll get company-wide collaboration is if everyone knows who to go to. You can achieve this by simply posting signs around the office. Below is an actual example of the signs we posted around our office.


Step Three: Get leadership support

If collaboration isn’t happening, ask for help from your company’s authority figures. Explain how important “being social” is to brand-building, how it can increase traffic to your site, and how it can increase revenue.

Once your management team is on board, collaborative planning will be easier. For instance, the Web Development manager will let you know that the team will be improving the article page template in the sports section of your site. You can use this information to create a social campaign, where you start sharing more articles in that industry to see how visitors respond to the new template.

Constant communication and company-wide collaboration can help take your social media strategy to the next level.


I. Analyze What Works & What Doesn’t

  • Step One: Analyze which social networks work for your audience
  • Step Two: Analyze which social networks don’t work… and drop ‘em
  • Step Three: Analyze which accounts you shouldn’t give up on

II. Organize Your Social Media Team

  • Step One: Gather up the troops
  • Step Two: Decide which person controls which social accounts
  • Step Three: Stay organized on long-term social promotion projects

III. Encourage Company-Wide Collaboration

  • Step One: Present your social strategy
  • Step Two: Introduce your social media team
  • Step Three: Get leadership support

What did I miss? Share your own trials, errors, tips and tools you work with in the comment section below!

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