Going Behind the Scenes with Your Brand

As I’m doing research for the next Best of BZ edition, I’m reading a lot of great blog posts on brand building. There are a lot of suggestions on what white papers to produce, what infographics to create and fun ways to engage with clients on social media.

But the one idea that stands out from the rest is: go behind the scenes with your brand.

It’s great that your brand is known for being a leader and authority figure in your industry – but who makes it authoritative? The people that help build your brand do – your employees. Their expertise and personalities are what ultimately set you apart from similar businesses.

So now that you understand that you should show the “behind the scenes” aspects of your brand, do you know how to? That’s where it can get tricky. You want to mix the right amount of “personality” with a strong dose of professionalism.

Here’s how:

Make your “About Us” page actually about YOU

When I’m getting to know a company who I potentially want to work with, I always go straight for the About Us page. The sites that not only have “about our company” pages but also have an “about our employees” page are the ones I’m more likely to spend time on.


Because it shows me that they have no problem “bragging” about their employees; that their employees’ backgrounds will benefit their “brand” persona. And that, obviously, says a lot.


A good example of this is SEER Interactive’s “Meet the Team” page. Every one of their employee gets a page about them, which includes details that all together make up their brand: baby picture (fun), employee profile (professional) and blog post (authoritative).

Remember, the point of an About Us page (especially in B2B) should be to give the visitor information that will get them to want to contact you. That includes professional and personal traits.

After reading your About Us page, you want visitors to say, “Hey, they look like people I want to work with.”

Remember, videos speak louder than words

It’s one thing to read a whitepaper and think, “Wow, this company knows what they’re talking about.” It’s another to actually meet the author of the whitepaper. Basically, gives you a feel for their knowledge, ultimately increasing your interest in the material.

Take our State of B2B Lead Gen report for instance. A title like that can create all sorts of assumptions on what the report is about. So, to add value, we created a video where one of the authors could discuss a few highlights.


Not only did readers get a “sneak peek” of the report, but they also got to meet the writer behind it. It created a connection between the reader and the marketing materials, which is the essence of brand building.

Use your company’s blog as your #1 branding tool

Your company’s blog is the number one area on your site where you are encouraged to share your expertise and personality. That’s what blogging is really all about (not just for link building). As a result, sprinkle your “brand’s personality” everywhere.

For instance, as many of you have probably noticed, I often use real-life pictures in my blog posts as opposed to professional pictures, whether it’s an image of my coworkers….


Or their dogs….


What’s the end result?

Readers still get the same quality information our brand delivers, BUT with a little “spice.” And it’s that “spice” that could lead to a recommendation. For example, the next time a visitor is asked by a friend on what lead gen blog they should read, hopefully they’ll respond with, “Well I know this one blog that is informative and an entertaining read.”

Your company’s blog is also a great platform where you can introduce other core employees. For instance, these past couple of months, you might have noticed a few new faces on the blog. That’s because we wanted to showcase employees in our office who help build our brand every day, whether they’re from our content team


PPC team

henry eisemann_bw

Or sister company.

Andrew Holstein.jpeg

You don’t need to do this for every employee, but you should absolutely do this for the employees who are interacting with visitors. So, the next time that a visitor Googles “John Smith from yourbusiness.com,” something positive and relevant to your brand shows up.

You can’t control everything about your brand’s online reputation, but this you can!

Also, by showing visitors the people behind your company, they get a better idea of who you are and what you stand for. This will help make them feel more comfortable working with you. There are lots of ways to build your brand, and present yourself as an industry leader. What better way to do it than through your employees?

What other fun ways does your company build your brand? Share it in the comment section below!

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