Using YouTube as an Engagement Tool

buyerzone_youtube_post-thumb-250x167-175813I love social media. But the one social network I can’t wrap my head around is YouTube.

First of all, I was always a little hesitant to call YouTube a “social” network. The way I’ve always seen it, people upload music videos, prank videos, and of course, Justin Bieber videos for viewers to enjoy.


But after watching HootSuite University’s video, Building a Powerful Community on YouTube with Ryan Nugent, I realize that’s just the beginning – and that I’ve been looking at it all wrong. Instead, it’s what comes before and after publication that really makes YouTube a social tool, and ultimately, an engagement tool for your business.

Below, I would like to not only share two of Ryan’s tips with you, but also add a few examples of how you can apply them to your lead gen efforts. Hopefully, like me, you’ll have a social “awakening.”

Creating YouTube Videos

Ryan explains that when you’re creating videos, be sure to create:

  • Content that encourages community
  • Acknowledges the viewers
  • Starts the conversation
  • Calls to action
  • Features the fans

This is easy enough to do if you’re uploading music videos; it’s a no brainer that people will “dislike” or “like” a music clip. They might even write a comment. But on a business video – people are more likely to send feedback via email or Twitter.

So how do you get them to engage directly on your YouTube channel?

DIRECT them to your channel’s discussion board and engage with them there. If they’re still sending feedback via email or Twitter, create a NEW video that follows up with their comments.

Now, you’re not only encouraging community engagement and starting a conversation, but you’re also acknowledging the viewers – another point Ryan mentions. Once you’ve done this a few times, your subscribers will see that you’re not just “promoting” your content, but you’re genuinely trying to engage.

So, if I could do a “do over” on one of our BuyerZone videos, I would start with Highlights from BuyerZone’s State of B2B Lead Gen Survey. For a video like this, I should have encouraged readers to submit their reactions on the report. Then, I would have taken that new material and created another video sharing what viewers were most shocked about, and go into more depth on those points.

By doing this, I would have checked off all of Ryan’s points.

Curate YouTube Videos

My favorite tip that Ryan shared is: If you’re not creating videos, share the ones YOU enjoy watching. One of the reasons I go on YouTube is to check out other business channels for good webinars and tutorials. And all this time, I wasn’t giving them a “proper” shout out.

Lesson learned.

Thanks to Ryan, I now know that I should be organizing these helpful videos into themed playlists. Not only will it turn your business’ YouTube channel into a helpful resource, but it will also help you engage with other businesses – and ultimately grow your community.

For instance, after you create a new playlist for “Content Marketing,” send a tweet to the professionals whose videos you included. Before you know it, you’ll have them following you on YouTube and Twitter.

To kick this off, check out our new playlist: “How To” Videos by Best of BuyerZone Winners, which features three helpful marketing videos. The playlists features business bloggers whose posts I’ve enjoyed reading; so it only makes sense that their videos are just as good.

What other tips do you have for creating a community on YouTube? Share them in the comment section below or on our YouTube channel! Who knows, it might end up in a future video.

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