B2B Marketing Tips for Using Vine

A guest post by Jeremy Page

Even though Facebook remains the undisputed top dog of social media, there’s been a growing interest in smaller, more self-contained social media networks as of late. No web app better illustrates this trend than Vine, Twitter’s new video-sharing service. While many are understandably skeptical of Vine’s long-term prospects, there’s every reason to believe that it is the latest trend in social media.


Our friends at Vital Design do a great job of using Vine for marketing efforts.

Vine isn’t just for “fun,” however; it can actually be used in many surprisingly effective ways for B2B marketing purposes. Here are a few promising options:

Publish a Mini Timeline

You can create a history of your company from beginning to present day in video frames that has the potential to go viral, much like your favorite meme-based GIF. Businesses like to know the back story of other businesses they’re working with. A Vine detailing your triumphant rise can fill them in on all the pertinent details in a flash.

Tell a Compelling Story

You might think that telling a story in 6 seconds or less is impossible. Though challenging, it’s more than possible to spin a yarn regarding your business that gets a point across within a short time frame (think: before and after scenarios).

Try filming a brief synopsis of a client’s success story involving your business. In the world of Vine, a few visually striking frames are worth thousands of words of ad copy if you structure them properly.

Involve Your Customers

In the hands of a visionary marketer, crowd-sourcing is one of the most powerful productivity techniques the web has ever seen. Utilize this phenomenon!

For instance, ask your followers on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to submit short clips or images of themselves making use of your brand’s products and services. Encourage widespread participation by offering a prize or discount to entrants whose clips are chosen for the final video. Lastly, string them together however you see fit to create a slideshow or compelling video compilation.

Publish a Micro Tutorial

In the video marketing realm, nothing attracts followers and ultimately customers like a steady stream of informative how-to material. Adapting that model to Vine’s shortened format is tricky but entirely doable.

You’ll have to ditch the exposition and cut right to the chase to make it work. Admittedly, there’s not much wisdom or know-how that you can impart in 6 seconds or less. Regardless, a brief how-to is an innovative way to score followers.

Stream Events in Real Time

Nothing beats a live webcast of an event to liven up your social media profiles. People love to follow along in real time if the event in question is sufficiently captivating. As a result, periodically posting quickly composed Vines from a gathering can be a great way to update current fans and raise awareness of your brand with other businesses. People expect constant updates incorporating multimedia nowadays from their favorite brands. Vine is the perfect vehicle for delivering them.

You could even pull the occasional CTA in the Vine description and link to a product page to get direct sales if your website has the merchant capabilities to take credit cards or Paypal.

Why You Should Embrace Vine

Despite the inherent challenges of getting a message across in 6 seconds or less, Vine has a lot of potential. Major brands like Desigual, Gap and Liverpool FC to name just a have already caught on to this fact. Up-and-coming SMBs should be even more excited at the possibilities of Vine. Marketers that can stretch their brains and concoct truly novel uses for Vine can reap great (and possibly viral) rewards in the end.


Jeremy Page is a tech blogger and marketing specialist at TopTenReviews.com. He’s also an internet entrepreneur and promotes Empower Network.

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