Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

How to Buy a Podiatric EMR System

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A podiatric EMR program is designed to make the lives of podiatrists easier with customized features and templates. This type of software gives podiatrists the tools they need to diagnose, treat and refer patients, while maintaining the integrity of their files and tracking patient progress. Rather than purchasing a generic EMR product, choosing software more specific to your needs is the best way to address your particular needs.

Important features of podiatric EMR systems

The most distinguishing feature of this type of EMR program is its ability to keep track of patient progress through all levels of podiatric care. For example, many patients will be referred to other specialists or to physical and recuperative therapy. A good podiatric electronic medical records product will allow you to trace the progress via a timeline.

Additionally, look for software that allows you to automatically generate letters of medical necessity, maintain inventory of all medications and supplies, and export records easily to other physicians. Many of them come with podiatry-specific billing and coding interfaces that make data entry easier, and may even allow you to model existing templates and features to your new software.

Podiatry-specific templates

A podiatrist runs a busy office, so it is important that you are able to access the information you need quickly from your podiatric EMR program. Templates are a great way to accomplish this goal, and many of these programs have templates that can be customized for:

You also might want to find a program that generates templates based on certain diseases that affect podiatry, such as diabetes or osteoporosis, so that you can customize your care to each patient. Most important is the ability to access these quickly, so make sure you actually test the program before you buy it.

For example, with a platform like Acrendo, you have access to podiatric-specific templates and an anatomy drawing system that enable you to quickly diagnose and document conditions and their recommended treatments. Entirely web-based, Acrendo also provides this same data on any web-enabled mobile device, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops, with a cost that's around $400 per month for a single-provider system.


A great podiatric EMR program should be fairly intuitive, with a main dashboard that leads you directly to the features you need at a given time. It should have an area for instant messaging so you can talk to other physicians in your office when the need arises, and it should be capable of uploading and storing images such as x-rays and other medical imagery.

In fact, many of these programs have an entire imaging section that is devoted to x-ray analysis and other types of imaging, such as MRIs and CT scans. Some also have functions to prepare prescriptions electronically so you don't have to worry about keeping track of prescription pads.

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