Medical Practice Management Software

Medical Practice Management Software

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WEBeDoctor© Billing Systems is a multi-specialty medical billing service dedicated to optimizing the amount of money you collect and to reducing your receivables. We work with you and your staff to insure HIPAA compliance, improve your billing operation, relieve office personnel of billing duties, and to obtain a fair and equitable return for service to patients.

HIPAA Compliance

With the implementation of HIPAA, its security standards and focus on electronically transmitted data, now is the time to outsource your billing operation to a professional billing service. Under HIPAA, data security is necessary for all transactions that involve medical data or information, with severe penalties for non-compliance. We utilize the latest technology, and have taken the required training to insure we, and our clients, are HIPAA compliant. Our mission is to quickly obtain the full financial reimbursement for services provided to patients, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, compliance, and ethics.

General Fee Schedule

Our pricing is designed to give individual consideration to each unique client. We strive to provide the best over-all service/cost to our customers. A standard billing contract includes the following and is competitively priced at a percentage of recovered value:

Optional Services include:

Real-Time access to Patient Records: An arrangement that allows for "on-demand" access to patient records, via the internet. This means any doctor or staff with controlled permission will have access to patient data. You can review a patient's history before making a crucial decision, view notes, lab reports, transcriptions, digital images or other information, or print a report. A major benefit to outsourcing is the elimination, reduction or repositioning of billing personnel.

Other benefits include:

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