Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Gift card systems use computer-encoded cards to offer retailers an easy-to-use solution to increase sales and retain regular customers. They are a great source for gathering customer information and monitoring buying habits while enhancing the shopping experience.

Gift card systems have three primary uses:


Gift card systems have systematically replaced the paper gift certificates of old. This automated system can determine the value of a card and tracking each purchase. The magnetic strip on each gift card holds a world of marketing statistics to improve your business.

Your business' loyalty card can marketing for you. By offering discounts and rewarding customers, it's your partner in a streamlined marketing strategy. The loyalty card is instant payback to your customers, thanking them for choosing to shop in your store. Earning points and discounted merchandise will ensure your customers' loyalty in the future.

In addition, it provides a wealth of information on the products they buy, creating valuable purchasing data across wide customer segments.

Popular uses

The following are a few examples of how gift card systems are being used to raise brand awareness.

Regardless of your industry, the services available on your gift cards will increase your sales. Features like online recharge and mobile access will be more appealing to your customers wishing to purchase and redeem gift cards.


Gift card systems are equipped with detail the activity for each card. Monthly reports provide information on buying behavior, customer demographics, and purchasing frequency. This data is extremely helpful in modifying existing programs and creating new ones.


One of the benefits to a gift card system is security and fraud prevention for both you and your customer. The cards may include a PIN concealed by a scratch-off area on the back of the card. The card has no value until it's activated at the point of sale.

Other cards feature database encryption and security audits to prevent theft and forgery. If a card is already activated and it is lost or stolen you have the ability to block or cancel it at a moment's notice.


Gift card system software plans start as low as $199 per month, complete with around the clock customer service, software, storage backup and unlimited transactions. Gift cards can be purchased for as low as .32 cents each, with the cost per quantity decreasing for larger orders.

Whether you use it for a loyalty program, or as a gift, or a refund, gift card systems enable you to continuously brand your image and logo to a wide variety of customers. What may appear to be a basic form of payment, can prove to be so much more as customers continually pass your business information around via gift giving, returns, and purchases.

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