Document Management Software

Document Management Software

Efficient Document Management Solutions Give Schools an Upgrade

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Digitization, and now the cloud, have transformed how industries operate. The world is experiencing an information revolution that has brought with it a deluge of data. Mobility, remote management, and telecommuting are trends in an increasingly electronic landscape that call attention to the need for document management solutions in small business, non-profit ventures, and even in education.

Messy Files

For example, if a school organization is committed to providing quality education, a holistic document management system is a must. Aside from adding value to the organization, document management tools offer benefits to all stakeholders: students, administrators, educators, staff, and the community as a whole. Similarly, non-profits and small businesses can use the same tools to streamline their respective organizations, bolstering their reach and impact while cutting costs associated with accounting and compliance.

How document management services streamline productivity

It's a trend that started in business, streamlining the way information is gathered, stored, processed, and recalled. The process has been shown to have two noticeable impacts, both of which affect the bottom line: increased efficiency and lower costs.

Document management platforms dramatically improve customer service by providing all of the information a salesperson needs right at their fingertips (and often even on their mobile device). This efficiency increases their productivity while providing a higher level of service to your customers.

These services also dramatically cut costs that would otherwise be spent on additional office machines (not to mention endless supplies of paper, ink, and consumables) used within the day to day work of a paper-based office.

Here's how:

Faster services. At the opening of each semester, start of a fundraiser, or beginning of any new marketing initiative, document management solutions enable faster and more efficient processing of information. They eliminate the stress caused by misplaced or missing paper files, and allow personnel to be more responsive and proactive.

Improved administration and continuity of operations. Hosted and other cloud-based document management setups offer reliable and continuous availability, even during peak hours and disasters. Many packages come with redundant disaster recovery features, like multiple servers, that ensure uninterrupted operations to protect valuable data.

Enhanced satisfaction and retention. Digitized document management efficiently takes care of all your organization's information. This means improved service to students, donors, and customers, as well as better collaboration between your staff. When individuals are given access to all information they need in a timely manner, their loyalty deepens - a fact that's as true for people internally as it is externally.

Expedited HR and payroll processes. With paperless document management, payroll processing becomes faster and easier for payroll staff. They don't have to deal with delays like missing time cards or padded hours because the system can be customized to meet these challenges. HR personnel can also function effortlessly to better serve the organization as a whole.

Better information-sharing between departments. With a good document management package, you don't have to run from one department to another or call all concerned personnel to share information. Accessible information-sharing is ideal for joint projects, a mobile workforce, and feedback sourcing.

Help in regulatory compliance and audits. Educational institutions and non-profits are regulated by federal, state, local, and other agencies. Complete and accurate documents help auditors inspect files to see if everyone is complying, thus avoiding stiff penalties and fines.

Save time and money. Tedious manual document filing can hamper productivity and paper-based costs can erode finances. Just like any other business, NPOs and schools must properly manage expenses and income.

Security. A document management tool guarantees security by allowing flexibility of use, but with controlled user roles. It ensures that only authorized staff members have access by requiring electronic signatures from users. It also records every person accessing the system, while providing a complete history and current version of every document.

Aren't these reasons enough for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions (including universities, colleges, high schools, and even big elementary schools) to adopt digitized document management solutions? If you'd like to compare solutions from leading national providers, fill out our free quote request and we'll set you up with a number of qualified sellers who've been matched to your specific needs.

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