Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Management Software

FaciliWorks 7 Desktop Maintenance Management Software

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Smart. Fast. Competitive. And easy to use!


FaciliWorks 7 Desktop provides your company the benefits of efficiently managing your company's maintenance management program through use of our comprehensive, yet easy to use, computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) solution. Reduce Maintenance Costs, Optimize Inventory & Purchasing, Process Tasks & Schedules, Implement Standards & Compliance, Store & Retrieve Records, and Improve the Over-all Reliability of your Maintenance Management Program through our industry-proven, scalable desktop software solution.

FaciliWorks 7 Desktop tracks and coordinates schedules, employees, suppliers, tools, parts, procedures, budgets, and purchasing. Customizable reports allow you to analyze and stay ahead of trends, providing valuable management assistance in improving the over-all reliability of your maintenance management program and achieving your maintenance goals. Comply with international and vendor standards, achieve and maintain 21 CFR Part 11 compliance; FaciliWorks 7 Desktop enables your company to be more competitive in an ever-changing competitive world.

FaciliWorks 7 Desktop is easy to install and very secure, providing IT with a confident and seamless maintenance software solution. FaciliWorks 7 Desktop is to easy to manage and operate, providing end-users with an efficient and practical maintenance software solution.

FaciliWorks 7 Desktop is designed to grow with your organization, from a single user on one computer to several users on a local area network. FaciliWorks 7 Desktop provides a Client/Server application to accommodate the largest of data bases and the addition of many more users.

If you're looking for a completely web-based solution, the new highly-scaleable FaciliWorks 8i works through a Web browser so your maintenance team can work with your database through your company intranet or over the Internet.

If you're involved in facilities and plant maintenance, FaciliWorks is the proven, comprehensive, efficient, and easy to use Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) product to solve your company's maintenance management needs!

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