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VoIP Phone Systems

What Makes Nextiva VoIP Different?

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Nextiva is a company that focuses on helping small businesses communicate more effectively. In fact, they claim to be able to provide small business owners with big business features in their communications system - without the higher price tag. The products and services that they offer are engineered to give a small business owner the advantages that have typically been reserved for larger businesses.

Nextiva currently services 60,000 companies in business VoIP communication, encompassing both call center and cloud-based VoIP technologies. The company offers platforms which have been proven to be reliable and highly scalable. They claim that their products are easy to use, easy to manage, and offer reliability for an affordable price.

How are they different?

Nextiva VoIP

Nextiva is located in Arizona and prides themselves on ensuring that their facility helps their end-users. This is achieved through redundant power, diverse network connectivity, a top-of-the-line monitoring system, and cooled/raised flooring. This is all done in an effort to make sure that their system runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible to support their trademarked Amazing Service.

The company also stands apart from other service providers because they own and operate their own network. If there happens to be a service outage, they have complete control over their network so that they can get their system up and running rapidly.

Nextiva points out that they operate their own AS number and that all of their services run on fully portable IP address blocks. The whole network is powered by Cisco 6500 Series routers. The company deploys round-the-clock active monitors of all network points in systems. This means that they can monitor every connection point in case of a service failure or even a hint of one.

What Nextiva Offers

Hosted call center phone systems are the newest service feature available from Nextiva. These solutions are delivered through a single, hosted platform, ideal for all business sizes. Features include advanced routing, comprehensive reporting, no contracts or setup fees, US-based tech support, business size flexibility, and advanced industry upgrades.

Nextiva business phone service is supported by the NextOS VoIP communications platform in a simple, bundled package that was once only available to large corporations. This hosted business phone system currently services 16 of the largest 25 global telecom companies, powered by 150 telecom engineers. Thus far, it has been adopted by 20 million consumers and 5 million businesses worldwide.

Nextiva's current unified communication services include:

Has the company won any awards?

The company has won service awards with organizations such as Voice Reports, Internet Telephony Product of the Year for 2010 and 2010 Communications Solutions Product of the Year.

When speaking with Nextiva, it's important to make sure that you understand their service offerings and how they will relate to your current business infrastructure. This will help you to make sure that you're getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to signing up for their service.

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