Cabling and Wiring

Cabling and Wiring

Cabling and Wiring Prices from Other BuyerZone Users

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Real-world cabling and wiring prices from BuyerZone buyers

We regularly survey BuyerZone users to ask how their purchases went. We've used their most recent responses to provide a sampling of actual prices that businesses paid for their cabling and wiring needs.

Costs for cabling and wiring jobs are based on the number of drops (or "end points") that require voice and data connections. These costs vary based on how many drops you need, the quality of cables you get, and other installed equipment, but your per-drop costs get lower as you add more drops to a project.

A key factor in how much you'll pay will be your current wiring status. Typically, you'll pay less for completely new cabling and wiring systems than you will for jobs that require installers to gut and rewire an existing setup. In addition, you'll get more palatable pricing options if vendors can easily pull cables through conduits and ceiling plenums.

Cabling and wiring: new systems

"Complete network cabling infrastructure. Installation of 75 Cat6 PVC drops, 2 Cat6 - 48 port patch panels, 45 face plates, 75 3' Cat6 patch cables for rack side, one 7' freestanding relay rack, ladder rack, 2 vertical management, 4 horizontal management, 20 7' Cat6 patch cables, 5 additional 10' Cat6 patch cables as additionally required. All components are ICC. Labor total: $7,200. Material total: $8,694.37. Total (tax not included): $15,894.37. Cat 5e pricing as follows using same equipment line. Labor: $7,200. Material: $4,830.37. Total: $12,030.37."
- Manufacturer, Carrollton, Texas

"$5,000 - wiring, additional phones, phone system upgrade."
- Health care CFO, Matawan, New Jersey

"$700 for 8 cable runs, power connect, terminate lines, and pull permit."
- Restaurant owner, Tucker, Georgia

"3 dual-lines wires and jacks for phones - 3 Cat5 cables for computer network - 1 Cat3 cable to connect fax machine - Price: $320 (does not include tax)."
- Realtor, Knoxville, Tennessee

"$1,750 for 11 data runs on two floors."
- IT manager, Mount Holly, New Jersey

"Cable removal - $1,000, overtime labor - $750, cabling 150 drops, Hubble patch panel, Chatsworth racks, Mohawk 5e cables, feeder cable, Leviton jacks - $13,650."
- MIS operator, Pleasanton, California

"$85/hour cabling."
- Financial services manager, Wayne, Pennsylvania

"$6,995 for 58 voice and 51 data runs."
- Telecom partner, Atlanta, Georgia

"The move and set up in new location for telephone and network systems is $2,870."
- Wholesaler, Stafford, Texas

"$26,000 - enterprise wireless network - 110 Dual Runs over Cat5 - 24 pair demarcation extension."
- Retailer, Edison, New Jersey

Cabling and wiring: upgraded systems

"$3,594.32 - Labor: 60 cables, 10 drops - Parts: 2 post rack, ladder rack."
- Engineer, Thousand Oaks, California

"$1,200, small wall mounted rack and cabling."
- IT consultant, Indianapolis, Indiana

"$120 for checking and attempting to repair a network port."
- Legal services, Calabasas, California

"$99 per hour, per tech."
- MIS services, Botsford, Connecticut

"$1,650 including cables and patch cords. 21 drops."
- Administrative assistant, Norcross, Georgia

"$1,000.20 for 4 dual (voice/data) cable drops, 1 single data drop, 1 wall mount shelf, 1 12 port patch panel, 1 Lantech 5 port switch."
- CEO, Houston, Texas

"$250 - install telecom and data wiring from panel to one desk location, terminate tel and data wiring at five additional locations, set-up wireless network router (provided by customer)."
- President, Chicago, Illinois

"$4,200: 500 feet 12 strand M/M fiber w/ InnerDuct install, 2 technicians, 16 hours, 2 LIU, termination & testing."
- Media IT manager, Rockville, Maryland

"Running cable through walls and installing jacks: $75/hour + trip charge + parts."
- Programmer, Scottsdale, Arizona

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Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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