Aging gracefully: lead generation gets a facelift

The times are changing and so are the ways in which you generate leads. However, the old business model isn’t dying: it’s simply getting a facelift. The old reliable tactics still produce great results – you just need to update your approach.

New tools. Old techniques.

DMNews describes how the current lead gen model uses the same traditional rules – just with different tools:

“Direct marketers have relied on traditional tools and tactics to generate new customer leads and upsell existing customers. Marketers are now beginning to leverage social media to develop leads as well and are seeing some interesting results.”

And according to the annual Unisfair marketing survey, social media is the top emerging channel for lead generation among technology marketing professionals. But these emerging tools are just that: emerging.

In other words, investments in new media are on the rise — but they’re still less effective than traditional tactics.

Melissa Davies, director of marketing at Avectra, reiterates this point in the DMNews article when she says she still finds success using traditional incentive techniques.

Davies uses cookies the way next generation marketers use social media: to build relationships. No matter what your tactics or tools are, building a relationship with a prospect is always the key to closing the deal.

It’s not just the tools

Another change to the lead gen model is the shift in marketing relationships. Chris Brogan predicted this change, saying, “We’re in a world where the power of marketing is in the hands of the consumer more than the marketer right now.”

He explains how important it is to for marketers to shift lead generation methods to less selling and more empowering:

“The lead process used to be ‘beat people with information until your sales person closes them.’ Now, it’s a little bit more about relationships with products and companies.”

Again, lead generation isn’t dying. It’s simply becoming more personable as it strengthens existing relationships and helps you appear trustworthy to new prospects.

So how do you stand out?

A good start is to make sure you empower prospects with valuable, accurate information. At BuyerZone, we offer buyer’s guides, articles, and purchasing advice for over a hundred products. We do this in the hopes that by the time prospects are ready to buy, they will be more informed shoppers and remember our name.

In addition, because we provide such materials, prospects see that our company wants to help them – not just take their money.

Another way to give your lead gen efforts an upgrade is to check the type of forms you’re asking prospects to fill out. Remember, you need to earn their trust first – asking deeply probing questions can turn them off before they’ve even contacted you.

Make lead capture forms simple and high-level to increase customer engagement.By doing this, you’re giving them the power to disclose the information they want, which will ultimately help you satisfy their needs. Full circle.

With a nip and a tuck to an already effective business model, you can revamp your lead gen process to get business flowing better than ever.

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