Getting ready for the big game

No, not the Superbowl. (Although with our Patriots back in it again, there is a lot of excitement around BuyerZone’s Boston-area office… go Pats!) No, the real big game for us is LeadsCon - and it’s coming up in a little more than three weeks.

LeadsCon is the premiere event for our industry — we look forward to it every year. Despite the sense of competition between lead generators who are competing for the same eyeballs, there’s always something to learn from others’ experiences.

I mentioned previously that we’ll be sending two of our all-stars to Leads Con: Jeff Gordon, our Director of Marketing (and About Leads blogger), and Anne Kelly, our VP of sales. Both have been important parts of BuyerZone for years, and both will be out and about at LeadsCon to make connections. And just like media day before the Superbowl, I had a chance to interview both of them about their plans for the big game.

Jeff’s more focused on relationships with other lead sellers. “We’re always looking to find new ways to work with other lead generators,” says Gordon, “and besides, these other lead guys always know where the best buffets are.”  (Gameday tip: never stand between Jeff and a buffet.)

As our VP of sales, Anne’s more interested in connecting with lead buyers. “With our range of lead gen services,” she says, “we can help businesses in almost any industry. You want flying car leads? I’ll get you flying car leads.”

Ticket discount

If you’re interested and haven’t gotten your ticket yet, the LinkedIn Online Lead Generation Group has an exclusive $400 discount off the on-site price. But it’s only good until February 10, so don’t wait.

Note: Jeff and Anne probably didn’t say these things. But you can ask them in person… at LeadsCon.

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