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BuyerZone just got a bit more social. Today, we launched our brand new social media page: BuyerZone on Social Media. As you look around, you’ll probably note that it’s a pretty simple page.

Well, look again!

There are, in fact, two key aspects that I made sure went into this page as I designed it. Here’s what they are and more importantly, why you should have a social media page for your business’ networks:

Fb profile example

1) Social Media Team Introduction

As I’m reading tweets from a few of my favorite business brands, I can’t help but ask, “Who is the person behind the tweets?” Is it the social media intern? The marketing manager? Or just some random person they hired who works remotely?

It always boggles my mind.

Well, I didn’t want you to get a headache, so I made sure to include a little blurb about me and my social media teammate, Dylan Mazeika. The number one reason I did this is because I don’t want you to just read BuyerZone’s tweets or our Facebook updates. I want you to ENGAGE with us too.

And you’re more likely to do this if you feel like you know the people behind them. Well, now you do!

2) List Your Social Networks

There are so many social networks out there that it’s extremely hard for businesses to keep creating account for each one. However, it’s even more difficult for fans of these brands to tell the difference between the “real” accounts and the phonies.

That’s when having a social media page comes in handy; it allows you to clearly list and link to your real social accounts so fans know which ones to trust.


Also, Jon has been talking a lot about keeping your website’s look “fresh.” Well, just because you have over 10 social accounts doesn’t mean they all deserve a spot on your homepage – that’s precious retail space. In addition, listing them all on your home page can leave it looking like a social mess.

That’s why having a designated space, in an area of your site that is accessible works just as well – and helps maintains that “fresh” look.

Believe it or not, the number one reason for businesses to be on social networks is so they have the ability to engage with visitors – to help them. It’s not just about promoting YOU and your brand. By introducing your team, and making your visitors “aware” of where to find you, you will have taken the first step to creating that relationship.

Happy #FollowFriday!

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