Is your B2B website still cutting it?

You go to your website every day and it looks pretty good to you, but it may be hurting your image more than you think. If your site was designed a few years ago, chances are it’s lagging behind the competition in terms of fit, finish, and web design techniques that are all the rage in 2013.

From responsive mobile design, the flexibility of HTML5, and advanced JavaScript animations that bring the web to life, your stagnant website probably isn’t as cool it once was. Just take a look around at some B2B companies like Marketo and ExactTarget, and you’ll notice their sites are doing a whole lot to project a sleek professional image that adapts to the ever changing mobile environment.

While it’s true that cost could get in the way of creating sites with this level of development and design, you can still implement a number of advanced features through diligent research and a strong commitment to improving your web presence.

The team here at BuyerZone has just unveiled a new design to – a site focused on educating sellers like you on the world of online lead generation. It was not designed by some expensive agency nor did it require the resources of the entire company to create. Just a small team of marketing folks and one dedicated web developer. We are really proud of the way it came out and feel its use of the latest web technologies better presents our brand as a leader in the online lead gen space.

So next time you are on your website, take a minute to look around at your competition and see if a redesign should be in the cards for your next project. 

If you have any thoughts on our site redesign (or just about this post in general), please let us hear it in the comments section below.

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About Jon Faitel

As a Associate Marketing Manager, Jon drives many marketing initiatives at BuyerZone including email campaigns, website design changes, blogging, and the BuyerZone e-newsletter. He also works with sales on new business development and the optimization of client communications. When not at work, he enjoys following professional football and taking leisurely strolls with his Boston Terrier.

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