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The Buyer Perspective ...

More than three million businesses have used BuyerZone to save time and money on their most important purchases. Here is a sampling of what they have to say about their experience:

How long did you wait?

"I received quotes immediately from reputable companies."
Heidi B. in Oakley, CA
"The process was easy. Vendors started contacting me almost immediately."
Cate S. in Montour Falls, NY
"I received phone calls and emails within hours, and prices were provided in detail. No messing around!"
Gail H. in Ridgefield, CT
"I appreciated the almost immediate response to my request."
Robert V. in Old Bridge, NJ

When companies contacted you, what were they like?

"The vendors who contacted me were not 'pushy' — they just told me what they had to offer and then gave me time to make a decision."
William F. in Fayetteville, NC
"What you offered was exactly what happened — I was contacted by multiple legitimate vendors with great quotes. One of them turned out to be local; all the better. A very tedious task was almost effortless."
Andrew S. in Atlanta, GA
"I appreciated the fact that I requested a quote, was given the quote timely, but wasn't continually hounded afterward."
Lance C. in Salina, KS
"The prices were all about the same — the information given during the meeting probably was the biggest influence. The company we went with really explained what they were doing."
Devin M. in Page, AZ

How much time did BuyerZone save you?

"BuyerZone saved me countless hours of searching. With BuyerZone, all I had to do was enter what I was looking for and the companies came to me. Overall, I would say that I saved 25 hours of my time. We are about to purchase 50K in equipment, and BuyerZone made the difference in finding the right vendor."
Buddy Woford, Marketing Manager
"The project that I used BuyerZone for is one that I had little experience with. So, I would have spent a considerable amount of time preparing a formal bid package and additional amount of time qualifying different vendors. BuyerZone basically eliminated both of those steps. All of the vendors that responded to my request were knowledgeable, courteous and represented respectable companies. I would estimate the amount of time saved to be 7 working days."
Anna Pappas, Purchasing Manager

Are you happy with the price you paid?

"I am a brand new small business owner so the biggest factor for me was price. The box truck I purchased is in great condition, and was a steal at $4,000."
Kellie B. in Locust Grove, GA
"The service I chose cut $61 off my home owners insurance, so that's another $5 a month savings. A great deal all around. I would do it over again and recommend this security company to everyone."
Howard C. in Tucson, AZ
"Cost was under $700 for business general liability. This was significantly less expensive than any other broker I spoke with (I'm in an unusual, high risk industry), and also required significantly less time and headache to get bound."
Howard C. in Tucson, AZ
"Because of BuyerZone, we saved $400 or more on credit card processing — all because we learned of Internet-based virtual terminal options through your site. We were also able to get a credit card transaction rate at 0.7% lower than those offered by my local bank by using BuyerZone."
Rusty Smith, Partner/Principal

What's the #1 reason you'd recommend BuyerZone to a friend?

"It made searching for what I was looking for more simple by compiling options on one site."
Linda H. in Jacksonville, FL
"It takes the legwork out of searching for quotes. It is a huge time saver."
Lauren S. in Cincinnati, OH
"The process was very easy and required little effort on my part."
William D. in Quincy, MA
"The reason I would recommend BuyerZone is that the customer service representative actually listened to my needs and answered my questions. I liked to have all the information I needed without feeling like an inconvenience or like I was being rushed. Thank you!"
Annie T. in Tampa, FL

The Seller Perspective ...

BuyerZone has partnerships with companies including ADT, Intuit, Konica Minolta, Lanier, Mitsubishi, Nortel, Paychex, Pitney Bowes, Sharp, Toshiba and Toyota. Here's what some of our partners have to say about their experiences with BuyerZone's B2B Lead Generation Programs:

How is BuyerZone a part of your sales and business strategy?

"Each time we open a new regional office – now more than two dozen across the nation — BuyerZone is part of the office launch strategy. We know it will deliver quality leads and profits in each local sales area."
Will Greene, Business Development Director
Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc.
"Our dealers have been receiving highly targeted leads from BuyerZone for over three years now. The program is a major component of our dealer sales strategy, consistently delivering double-digit close rates and a significant return on our investment."
John Grogan, VP Marketing
Hasler Mailing Systems and Solutions
"BuyerZone's lead referral program has been truly phenomenal for our company — our sales have increased over 60% since we joined the program just 9 months ago. Combined with their great customer service, BuyerZone is head and shoulders above the other lead generation programs I've worked with over the last 22 years."
Dan Arndt, President,
First Data ISP
"I've had great success with the BuyerZone program at previous companies, so when I went to build my own business, BuyerZone was the biggest part of my sales and marketing strategy."
Sam Levine, CEO
National Communications Group

How would you rate the quality of the leads?

"Our dealer network benefits tremendously from BuyerZone leads that we can track and distribute regionally. We are very pleased with the lead volumes and impressed with closed sales figures."
Jennifer Simich, Vice President of Marketing
Infotronics, Inc.
"BuyerZone's leads give us the ability to connect directly with serious buyers. This results in a sales cycle that is shortened from months to weeks and a Marketing ROI that is among the best for any other lead generation method we have used to date. We closed over $1,000,000 in sales through BuyerZone's leads!"
CheckPoint HR
"I must say that the leads have been of good quality and we have made back our investment and then some. We have acquired both large and small clients who seem to be truly interested in buying a mailing list. Keep up the good work!"
List Service Direct, Inc.
"Because we've seen great success with our BuyerZone leads in VoIP Phone Systems, we expanded into Hosted PBX leads as well. We weren't sure if they'd be able to deliver quality leads for such a new product, but again, BuyerZone has done it. Thank you!"
Michael Galkin, VP Sales and Marketing

What's the #1 reason you'd recommend working with BuyerZone?

"We were one of the very first suppliers to join BuyerZone in their Mailing List Brokers category — nearly four years ago — to this day we continue to rely on the program as one of our largest, most consistent, and most successful lead sources."
Adam Taub
Estrela Marketing Solutions
"Many of our repeat customers have come from BuyerZone and it would have been more costly to find these clients on our own as opposed to the lead program with BuyerZone. My suggestion would be to give BuyerZone a try so that you can see for yourself the tremendous advantages of this program."
Ken Wills, President
New Prospect Marketing
"The BuyerZone lead referral program has far exceeded our expectations. The ratio of money spent on the leads vs. the revenue we've generated from closed sales has been unbelievable. Because each prospective buyer essentially pre-qualifies themselves, we view BuyerZone leads as high quality and usually give them preferential treatment over leads from other sources."
Karen Apa, Marketing Director
Visionary Medical Systems, Inc.