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Sylvia Rosen

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Sylvia Rosen

I've been writing for BuyerZone since May 2010. In those two years, I've interviewed hundreds of telecom experts, read thousands of technology press releases, and have covered a LOT of the latest trends and topics in the industry. And I have loved every second of it.

But before I started writing for BuyerZone, my focus was in newspaper journalism. My first newspaper article was published in 2004, and kick started my passion for writing. When I was reporter for The Salem News, Jewish Journal, and The New Hampshire, I was given the chance to cover a number of business and technology stories, fueling my interest on the subject.

So after graduating from The University of New Hampshire with a BA in Journalism, it was a no brainer that I wanted to stick with writing on the business and telecom industry.

Telecommunications Philosophy

As being both an observer and participant of the latest business telecom equipment, I'm constantly reminded of how much the latest technology advances are shaping our world. For instance, I've witnessed how video conferencing is both easy and effective, as well as written on how cost-effective they are for businesses.

In the business industry, "communication is everything"; and your communication is only as strong as the telecom equipment you work with.

The "Socializer"

I once looked up my Klout score and was pleasantly surprised to find that they labeled me a "socializer." Because socializing and networking is what I do best.

That's probably why BuyerZone entrusted me with the (awesome) responsibility of running their industry-specific Twitter accounts: @BZ_Telecom, @BZ_Industrial, @BZ_Security and @BZ_Retail. Not only do I get to write about the latest trends, but I get to Tweet about it too! #Winning

However, my absolute favorite part of writing for BuyerZone is running the Best of BuyerZone series, which highlights the best business blogs and sites on the web. This series gives me a chance to do my favorite type of writing: profiling.

I love getting the chance to interview industry professionals and find out what makes them tick. I also love making their day when I tell them, "you're doing such a great job, and I want to write about it!"

So the next time you see my name in your Inbox, don't delete it. In fact, contact me to nominate your blog for the Best of BuyerZone series or to write a guest post for your blog.

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