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Matthew Littlefield Matthew Littlefield

Matthew Littlefield is President and Principal Analyst for LNS Research based in Cambridge, MA.

Phil Bishop Phil Bishop

Phil Bishop is a UK-based construction journalist and Online Editor for The Construction Index. He also files weekly blog posts for MachineryZone.

Industry insights are experts who have real knowledge on an array of industrial topics. Their experience can range from management and planning, to hands on, in their work. They will share their insights and opinions on the industrial industry each week to help you stay informed and up to date.

Leveraging Big Data to Drive Analytics at the Speed of Manufacturing

Examine how leading manufacturers are approaching Big Data analytics, and read recommendations on how to gain Big Data capabilities.Sep 9, 2014

Elevating Your Energy Management Goals with IEM Software

Stop going for low hanging fruit when cutting costs. Read how IEM software helps manufacturers with big energy management goals.Aug 5, 2014

6 Questions to Ask to Determine Your Approach to EQMS

To determine your optimal approach to Enterprise Quality Management Software, you're going to want to consider and weigh six questions.Mar 17, 2014

The Challenges of Machinery Design

Industry Insights' new industrial expert Phil Bishop discusses the many challenges of machinery design and how manufacturers can approach them.Feb 13, 2014

How to Maximize ROI On IEM Software Through People and Processes

Companies that have invested in IEM software are not realizing the full scope of ROI this type of software can deliver. Industry Insights' columnist, Matthew Littlefield explains how harmonized business processes and a supporting company culture can help.Oct 30, 2013

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