Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Hosted PBX Phone Systems

How to Buy a Hosted Phone System

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If you are a business that is looking to make a mark when it comes to your customers and clients, choosing to get a hosted phone system is often a great choice. With the ability to make a business appear larger than it really is, improving customer response, increasing efficiency and boosting the bottom line, getting this type of system is a very easy choice.

Hosted Phone System

How hosted phone systems work

A hosted phone system is often compared to PBX, or private branch exchange systems. These, however, are IP based and allow the voice communications to go through a computer network. When using a hosted phone system, you will be able to lease basic equipment and pay a low monthly fee to the hosting company.

This equipment usually includes a router, which will connect to the local network of the hosting company, and sometimes a private link for added security. When a call is made from inside of the company, it is connected via the router to the central hosting office where it is processed. The call is also transmitted via Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP) when appropriate. If calling a traditional phone, the call is routed to the regular phone network.

Pros and cons of a hosted phone system

There are many advantages to having a hosted phone system, with the three biggest advantages being cost, scalability and features.

Though these advantages look great, as always, there may be some disadvantages as well:

The thing to remember is the more you add to any phone system, the more your system will cost. Adding traditional, analogue phones will cost more per user, the same is true with a PBX or VoIP system. The biggest advantage with VoIP, or hosted systems is the ability to control those costs more effectively.

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