Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Benefits of Choosing Cisco Hosted PBX Services

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If you think about years gone by and the frustration that you may have experienced when contacting companies with automated phone services, you probably think that there is no way that you would choose this for your own business.

Cisco Hosted PBX Services

However, with new technology and advances, the way of the past is literally dead and small business phone systems have improved by leaps and bounds. One of these systems, Cisco hosted PBX services, have many benefits and features that will certainly bring a big advantage to small businesses.

Company history and branded services

The Cisco brand was established in 1984 by two members of Stanford's IT department when they became aware that switch and routing technology at the time was unaffordable and function limited at the time. Since then, Cisco has grown into a multinational, publicly traded company with many solutions to fit various size businesses.

Cisco's solutions cover the following for small business;

What are the great features of Cisco hosted PBX services?

As mentioned above, there are Cisco hosted PBX services that can work for a small to medium business. Some of the features that are included in this type of small business telephone system are:

Benefits for small businesses that choose Cisco hosted PBX services

In addition to the wonderful features of the Cisco hosted PBX services that you will find, there are many great benefits as well:

Cisco is a name that is well known and often worked with. Their solutions are installed all over the world making them one of the most prolific network solutions in the country, if not on the planet. Knowing this makes Cisco an obvious choice and increases the ability of a business to shop around for equipment and installers within the Cisco world of products and services.

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