Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

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How Speech Recognition Software Enhances Your IVR

Speech recognition has enhanced the capabilities of IVR systems so that they can do more for businesses.

CRM and IVR Integration Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Setup

CRM integration can play a fundamental role in your business. When used in conjunction with an IVR, the benefits are near endless.

IVR Call Centers Offer Customer Service and Sales Innovation

Conducting business can often be overwhelming. Businesses constantly struggle to balance labor costs, innovations in technology, and the need to serve their customers.

Picking an IVR Provider: Key Factors and Tips

When looking for an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provider, consider your current system to find the solution that's the best match. Providers should offer adaptable systems with excellent customer service and a system designed to meet your time frame.

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An IVR Is the Perfect Virtual Receptionist

Discover the many benefits of using an interactive voice response system as your virtual receptionist.

A Virtual Call Center Can Streamline Sales

An integrated virtual call center can focus the efforts of the sales team in any organization by quickly delivering sales communications and connecting customers' calls with the right member of the sales department.

Business Uses for IVR Systems

New industries are adopting IVR systems and using the latest voice recognition technology for help with auto, healthcare, security, and financial customers, among others!

Common Misconceptions about IVR Implementation

IVR implementation may come along with some hesitation. Be ready to have those hesitations removed with these four IVR myth busters.

Does Your Business Require Inbound or Outbound IVR?

Inbound or Outbound IVR? What is the difference? Which is best for your business?

How Call Recording Can Benefit Your Business

All businesses should have call-recording capabilities within their firms because it can be used for many purposes such as improving customer service and ensuring that solid records are kept of mission-critical conversations.

Increasing Margins & Other IVR Benefits Explained

An IVR system can provide many benefits to a business, including saving money and increasing revenue with improved customer service.

IVR Systems Provide Wealth of Call Data

Learn about the valuable marketing data an IVR system can collect for your company.

Key Questions for Purchasing an IVR

Purchasing an IVR system works when you know the right questions to ask. Here are some questions that should be on your list.

On-Premise vs. Hosted IVR Solutions

On-premise IVR systems allow a business in-house control, but hosted IVR solutions offer benefits for companies short on resources. Choose which options work best for your enterprise!

Project Plan for IVR Implementation

Many U.S. and international companies are developing a project plan for IVR implementation. The actual use of IVR technology (interactive voice response) might not be used for years, but in covering such tasks as scripts and IVR server setup, business owners can prepare their companies for the future.

Simplify Employee Notifications with an IVR System

Employee notifications can be sent out quickly and efficiently with an interactive voice response system.

The Importance of PCI Compliance For IVR Systems

Although IVR systems receive information through the phone, they are still subject to PCI compliance. That compliance is necessary because, in many cases, companies today use digital phone systems.

Working with Interactive Voice Response Software

Although telephone service providers are ready and willing to help your company with its communication needs, there are times when doing things yourself is more productive.

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