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VoIP Phone Systems

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Switching to a Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system can be a significant upgrade for your business communications. VoIP-based phone systems can save your company money and bring the full benefits of your phone system to satellite offices and home workers.

And VoIP popularity isn't expected to subside anytime soon; Ibis World confirms an annual growth rate of 16.7% from 2007-2012.

Where to begin when choosing a VoIP phone provider

Much like a traditional phone system, the long-term success of a VoIP system depends on the company that installs and supports it. The best VoIP phone system companies provide outstanding customer support and ongoing maintenance to keep your system working smoothly.

Consider these helpful tips as you begin shopping for the right VoIP phone system company:

A VoIP system designed for business use will include specialty equipment beyond what you would find for home VoIP calling. Phone equipment and accessories can be used to route call traffic over computer networks, offering the capability to connect remote or home offices to a main office extension. Which leads us to…

Include your extended enterprise

As mentioned above, your VoIP provider must keep your remote workers in mind, too. The best VoIP PBXs can extend the benefits of your phone system to any location with broadband Internet access.

Telecommuters, sales offices, and other remote locations get extension dialing, call transfer, and other important calling features exactly the same as if they were in the main office. Even better, they no longer have to maintain separate phone systems, as the VoIP PBX is managed centrally.

For highly-distributed companies, the best feature of VoIP PBX systems is that they completely eliminate calling charges between offices. If the call is handled with VoIP, it doesn't incur any toll calls when both ends are within the system. Ask each provider what other cost savings you can expect with service.

The integration of a remote VoIP extension provides an office with:

Additional characteristics of the best VoIP phone systems companies

As VoIP becomes mainstream, your business can now shop for a provider based on the freebies and bonus features they offer. Within a service package, many business VoIP companies will throw in free voicemail, extensions, switchboard service, call forwarding, recording, hold music, and much more.

Ultimately, the best VoIP companies are those that treat your business like a partner, taking the time to understand your needs so they can offer a solution that you'll be happy with. And the first step in finding the best VoIP phone system company is using BuyerZone's free VoIP phone system request service to get connected to qualified suppliers in your area.

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