VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone Systems

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Here's a sampling of actual prices paid by buyers of VoIP phone systems who used BuyerZone in 2005.

What You Need to Know About VoIP Security for Your Business

VoIP is a market segment that is just exploding. While it offers a lot of benefits from a cost perspective for business owners, there are some security concerns to be aware of.

Having a VoIP Maintenance Checklist Protects Your Business from Unwanted Downtime

Maintaining your VoIP system is imperative to getting the most out of your investment. Here are a few tips to help increase the longevity and efficiency of your VoIP system.

How VoIP Technology Fits Into Your Business Network

Today, most businesses are opting to upgrade to VoIP. Before you do, find out all you need to know about VoIP technology.

Find The Best VoIP Phone System Companies

Make sure you get a VoIP system that address all your communication needs by carefully comparing several dealers.

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10 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About VoIP

Before you can really understand the importance of business VoIP, you first need to grasp the main ideas behind the service. Here are ten things to know about what VoIP is, and can be for your business.

How Do VoIP Business Solutions Work?

The premise behind VoIP solutions is fairly straightforward: instead of using "circuit-switched" technology, where a dedicated path from caller to receiver is reserved for their entire conversation, VoIP phone systems treat voices as data, turning your words into tiny packets of information that are sent over data networks.

How to Purchase a VoIP Phone System

Many companies are using voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phones for their business needs. VoIP systems use Internet connections instead of traditional land lines to make and receive calls.

IP Communication Systems Opportunities

IP telephony systems enable revenue-generating opportunities for the hotelier who understands how to leverage the technology.

VoIP Conference Software for Your Business

When switching to VoIP for your business, be sure to spend time comparing and evaluating multiple VoIP software options.

VoIP Market Reaches a Record High

According to a new survey from In-Stat, worldwide IP phone shipments will grow from 10 million units in 2006 to 164 million units in 2010, largely on the backs of business users.

VoIP Phone Systems Industry Lingo

Ever wondered what "circuit-switched technology" or "packet-switching" means? Empower yourself with the latest VoIP Phone Services Industry Lingo.

VoIP Services and Your Business

The concept is straightforward: VoIP systems transform analog voice calls into packets of data, then send the data over broadband computer networks instead of traditional phone lines, to be translated back into voice at the receiving end of the call.

What Makes Nextiva VoIP Different?

Nextiva's VoIP products and services are engineered to give a small business owner the advantage that have typically been reserved for larger businesses. Learn what makes this company different and catch up on some recent Nextiva reviews.

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