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Utility Vehicles

John Deere Gator - One of Many Utility Vehicles

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If you ask businesses what vehicle they use to navigate over rough terrain roads, the conversation typically moves towards a John Deere Gator. While the Gator may be one solution for hauling and towing application, it's not the only solution.

John Deere Gator is just one brand of a subset of equipment known as utility vehicles. Many people mistakenly use the term "Gator" to refer to the entire class of machines even though other utility vehicle manufacturers produce similar equipment.

Clearing up John Deere Gator confusion

One of the reasons "John Deere Gator" become synonymous with "utility vehicles" is because Deere & Company (or simply "John Deere") was the first to create a vehicle of its kind back in 1993.

John Deere introduced the Gator as a workhorse vehicle for farming, construction, manufacturing, and military uses. The John Deere Gator provided a viable option for businesses that wanted to buy a utility vehicle, but who couldn't afford the cost of larger models.

Whether you want to purchase a John Deere Gator or a utility vehicle from another manufacturer, it's best to use the terms "utility vehicle" or "rough terrain vehicle" so you don't tie yourself down to just one brand.

What can a John Deere Gator do?

A John Deere Gator combines elements of pickup trucks with all-terrain vehicles and includes a powerful engine to handle various applications. Its hydroformed steel frame construction allows you to twist and bend heavy loads without causing damage to your materials. Also, powerful disc brakes allow you to come to a sudden stop if necessary.

You can find Gators available in three sizes: compact, traditional, and high performance. Each model is application specific to handle different sized loads over different surfaces. All John Deere Gators are gas-powered, equipped with automatic transmission, and include a plastic or steel cargo box for hauling and towing.

Each John Deere Gator can be customized with an assortment of features such as:

The John Deere Gator isn't for everyone. You can't use a standard model for off-road use or in poor weather conditions. Also, since Gators are mostly gas-powered, you can't use them indoors because the emissions violate OSHA regulations.

Avoid John Deere Gator pitfalls

Be careful if you shop online for a John Deere Gator. You'll find hundreds of web sites advertising "brand new Gators" for just a few hundred dollars. It sounds too good to be true and it is … sort of. These ads typically refer to the John Deere Gator children's toy, not the utility vehicle which can cost thousands of dollars! Manufacturers like John Deere typically produce or license toy versions of their popular vehicles. A standard search for "John Deere Gator" will produce almost as many results for toy models as vehicles, so be sure to hone your search terms.

Also, don't confuse John Deere Gator models you find at large hardware chains for the ones you get through a vendor. Those are typically residential models that don't have the type of power you'll need for business-level applications. To get the power you need, let BuyerZone help with a free request for utility vehicles quotes. We'll instantly match you to dealers for John Deere Gator and other utility vehicle manufacturers to find you the best machine for your application.

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