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Dylan Mazeika

Content Marketing Specialist

Dylan Mazeika

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011, I joined BuyerZone as an Online Marketing intern, and for 7 months built knowledge of the B2B industry. I learned a lot about what the B2B relationship was, but also how larger companies reach and sell to small businesses. After my internship ended, I worked for a small startup in Boston doing content promotion and PR, as well as starting my own blog focusing on startups and small business. The blog was even recognized at BuyerZone as one of best entrepreneurial blogs in 2012.

It was a great experience to work in a fast moving environment, learning about creating user focused content. However I really wanted to be in a position to make an impact on a site level from an online marketing perspective. So when BuyerZone offered me a full-time position as a Content Marketing Specialist, I happily rejoined!

Graduating UMASS with a B.S. in Resource Economics, and learning so much at both my internships really furthered my knowledge of the B2B industry. Bringing both my education and internship experiences to BuyerZone is my main focus. I want to help connect buyers with crucial information that can aid them in making an educated (and cost-effective) decision.

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