Rough Terrain Forklifts

Rough Terrain Forklifts

JLG Telehandlers Leverage Innovation for Heavy-Duty Productivity

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With a history that dates back to 1969, JLG Industries has been manufacturing construction forklifts for a wide range of industrial applications, routinely developing machines that serve specialized applications. Their roster of heavy-duty work equipment includes boom lifts that are engine-powered, electric, and hybrid, as well as vertical lifts and stock pickers, scissor lifts, towable boom lifts, and of course construction telehandlers.

Combining versatility with performance, JLG rough terrain forklifts and their subsidiary brands, Lull and SkyTrak (both acquired in 2003), are built for productivity in the toughest work environments and at the highest elevations. Popular types and machine specs include:

Manitou Rough Terrain Forklifts
Model Max Lift Capacity Max Lift Height Max Reach Outside Turning Radius Transmission Estimated Cost
G5-18A 5,512 lbs. 18' 11' 10' 6" Hydrostatic $34,500 - $70,000
G10-55A 10,000 lbs. 55' 42' 14' 6" Powershift $39,000 - $132,000
G9-43A 9,000 lbs. 43' 30' 12' Powershift $35,000 - $54,000
644E-42 6,000 lbs. 42' 35' 12' 3" Powershift $45,000 - $85,000
1044C-54 Series II 10,000 lbs. 54' 45' 14' 2" Powershift $42,000 - $90,000
944E-42 9,000 lbs. 42' 35' 12' 6" Powershift $34,000 - $75,000
10042 10,000 lbs. 42' 26' 14' 2" Powershift $42,000 - $108,000
6036 6,000 lbs. 36' 22' 13' 9" Powershift $25,000 - $84,000
8042 8,000 lbs. 42' 27' 13' Powershift $40,000 - $116,000

Three brand names: one focus

JLG, Lull, and SkyTrak represent an efficient combination of power and maneuverability. And considering some of the specs from the chart above, the aim seems clear: productivity within extreme environments. Fuel-efficient Tier 4i engines provide the same level of heavy-duty output while minimizing emissions to ensure environmental sensitivity in fragile work environments. But muscle and sustainability are only two of the features available in these efficiency-centric product lines.

For example, JLG telehandlers include powershift transmissions that enable the operator to confidently lift and place loads quickly, precisely, and safely.

In the same way, Lull telehandlers feature a traversing carriage that allows the driver to move an entire load 80 inches horizontally (at full height) and lift up to 4,000 lbs. up to 54 feet. Further enhancing stability, the Stabil-Trak system automatically shifts from a 3-point to a 4-point stance for increased safety and productivity.

SkyTrak telehandlers easily stand alongside the other two, offering three modes of steering (2-wheel, 4-wheel, and crab steering) and load-sensing hydraulics with up to 18 inches of ground clearance for reliable maneuverability even within the roughest work areas.

Development for broad range of industries

One of the more interesting aspects of JLG and their subsidiaries is that they cater to some of the world's most extreme industrial processes - a commitment that has made them one of the world's leading rough terrain forklift manufacturers in the process. The standard industries are all there: warehouse and distribution, industrial, entertainment and events, institutional, and commercial and retail. But it's the production of machines for industries that are relatively under-served elsewhere that enable JLG, Lull, and SkyTrak to really stand apart. Mining forklifts and heavy-duty construction telehandlers for government applications and the energy sector serve as two notable examples.

This depth of commitment to the widest application of their machines also reveals another corporate value: cost-effective ROI through multi-purpose capability. With that in mind, a few of the more specialized industries they develop telehandlers for include:

For help in pairing your specific industrial application with a rough terrain telehandler, get started with this easy equipment selector provided by JLG.

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