Floor Cleaning Machines

Floor Cleaning Machines

Schools, businesses, and public facilities are often paved with flooring that contains a thin topcoat of polymer or plastic, providing low maintenance and durable wear for high traffic areas. But over time, this surface gets pitted and scratched by shoes, furniture, and other destructive forces, causing light to be reflected in a variety of different directions and producing a surface that appears dull. A floor polisher levels out these pits and scratches to create a smooth, even surface, restoring the floor's original shine.

Using floor polishers to clean and scrub large areas of wood, tile, or laminate floors can save you time and money in cleaning equipment and supply purchases. Floor polishers can be lightweight or heavy-duty machines that clean and buff a floor at a variety of speeds, ensuring that your floors are free of dirt, moisture, and debris, and are buffed clean to create a glossy surface.

Floor polishers can be reliable pieces of equipment for both residential and commercial use. Typically categorized by their rotations-per-minute (RPM), you'll find models that fall into three subsets: 150 to 175 RPM, 200 to 400 RPM, and 1,000 to 2,500 RPM. Your application will determine the type you select. For more on types, read "Buying Floor Buffing Machines."

Expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $1,500 depending on the radius of the machine's cleaning head and RPM. It's worth noting that many decent commercial models are available for as little as $500 to $600.

Key benefits of floor polishers

Most floor polishers are available in both single speed and dual speed styles (alternating between 180 RPM and 320 RPM for example). Key benefits include:

Selecting the right floor polisher

You'll find several types and sizes of floor polishers available, and selecting the right one will largely depend on the size of the area you want to keep clean and how often you'll use the equipment.

Larger areas such as gymnasium floors and wide hallways will need at least a 20-inch single or dual polisher to provide maximum coverage in a single pass. Smaller rooms and narrow halls may need a 13-inch or 15-inch polisher, and bumper guards will prevent any major hazards or accidents from occurring in narrower spaces.

Key features to look for when selecting floor polishing equipment include:

Investing in a floor polisher can be a worthwhile purchase for your business, especially when you need to keep your office space, hallways, and other heavily trafficked areas clean and professional. Find the right floor polisher or other floor cleaning equipment today by submitting a free price quote request.

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