Floor Cleaning Machines

Floor Cleaning Machines

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Buying Floor Buffing Machines

Floor buffing machines can do it all, from buffing, polishing, cleaning, and stripping, on all types of floor surfaces. Learn how to choose one for your needs.

Using a Floor Waxing Machine

Using the right floor waxing machine and proper wax itself can prolong the life of floors while giving them a beautiful shine.

Floor Stripper Applications

There are different types of floor strippers, from ones designed for light, occasional use, to more heavy-duty ones for large commercial or industrial floors. Learn the various questions to ask before selecting a floor stripper.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines: Purchasing Basics

Wooden floors require more care and specialized equipment to clean and maintain them without damaging the wood. Chosing the right hardwood floor cleaning machine can make a difference in preserving the lifespan and look of wooden floors.

Additional Floor Cleaning Machines Articles

Buying a Small Floor Scrubber

For smaller use in the home or workplace, a small floor scrubber can be an ideal, economical, and time-saving choice.

Commercial Floor Sweepers

Commercial floor sweepers can clean large floor areas, both indoors and outdoors, quickly and efficiently.

Electric Floor Scrubbers

For heavy use in cleaning large floors, an electric floor scrubber may be a good choice. Their power and versatility can make cleaning a variety of floor types more efficient and easier.

Floor Polishers

Floor polishers work on all types and sizes of floors to give a clean, strong shine.

Floor Sweeper Cost Expectations

Before buying a floor sweeper, make sure you're purchase makes financial sense by choosing the right floor sweeper for your needs.

Industrial Floor Scrubber

Whatever size floor you need to clean, choosing the proper industrial floor scrubber to match your needs is an essential first step.

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