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Commercial floor stripper machines can simplify your floor care responsibilities. These machines use mechanical and chemical tools to remove floor wax from your hard surfaces. Floor strippers come in a variety of sizes, and offer several types of motors to choose from. Because of all of the options you have, you need to learn what to ask your floor stripper machine dealer so you get the right machine for your business, and save money on the purchase.

Purchase considerations

The purpose of a commercial floor stripper is to remove a floor's finish with stripping pads and chemicals. While some floor strippers can double as floor polishers, most are only used to remove a floor's finish. If you're interested in a multipurpose machine, make sure you provide these details to prospective dealers so that they only show you machines that can perform both functions.

When shopping for a floor wax stripper, these are some of the questions you'll want to ask the dealer or manufacturer:

How much does it cost? The cost of floor finish strippers is going to vary greatly by model. The smaller models cost between $400 to $500, while the heavy duty models cost between $1,500 and $8,700 for walk-behind units, and up to $28,000 for a riding floor stripper.

How much does the floor wax stripper weigh? The smaller models weigh in below 100 pounds while the larger industrial models can weigh several hundred pounds. If you're looking at one of the larger units, make sure you also ask if the unit has a mechanical driving system to help the operator move the machine over the floor.

What accessories and supplies does this machine need? Most floor finish strippers require a variety of supplies. For example, you'll need a scrubbing pad that matches the radius of your stripper's cleaning head ($18 for a pack of 5), at least one type of stripping solution ($15 to $60 per gallon), and a ceramic scraper blade if your model includes that feature ($50 per blade).

What type of engine does this machine have? When comparing motors, look at its horse power (hp) and fuel sources. Keep in mind that gas-powered and propane-powered motors are going to be louder than electric models. A 1.5 HP model resembles a standard floor stripper, capable of producing anywhere from 175 to 1,500 RPM.

How can I save money? You can usually save money on floor strippers by renting them when you need to redo your floors, or by buying a refurbished model. Refurbished equipment is usually used equipment that has been rebuilt and cleaned thoroughly to work as good as new, although you'll need to investigate how much "mileage" a pre-owned machine has. In addition, many professional sellers will provide quantity discounts for the purchase of multiple floor strippers that's usually around 6% to 10% less.

To find the right floor stripper for your company, use BuyerZone's free and easy request for quote service to get matched to multiple suppliers in your area.

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