Floor Cleaning Machines

Floor Cleaning Machines

Floor Sweeper Cost Expectations

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Floor sweepers are designed for everything from picking up mild, dry debris on carpets and hard floors to maintaining large expanses of cement flooring and commercial installations. Whether you own a huge warehouse or a small retail business, a floor sweeper is a necessity if you want to keep your showroom or business clean.

However, before you figure out a budget for a floor sweeper, it's important to understand what your options are and how to select the right machine for your specific needs.

Floor sweeper types and prices

Floor sweepers safely and efficiently remove dirt, dust, and debris to protect your customers, employees, and facility. They range from basic walk-behind units to more complex ride-on models. Selecting the most cost-effective model is the result of three considerations:

  1. Type of debris you need to clean
  2. Size of your facility
  3. Budget

Most businesses will need commercial-grade floor sweepers that are designed to sweep up dry debris from hard floor surfaces in industrial settings. These models range in price from $500 to $26,000 with the high end reserved for ride-along machines. Many businesses with large open spaces (think warehouses or showrooms) find that a floor sweeper in the $1,300 to $4,400 range works pretty well throughout their facility. Popular brands include Haaga, Global, Tornado, Power-Flite, and IPC.

On average, an industrial grade-walk behind unit can hold up to 150 lbs of debris and operates on powerful rechargeable batteries (155 amp hour is a common example), to provide long run-time without the risk of poisonous exhaust. Another power option is a unit that features a long power cord (80 plus feet is another common example) that plugs into any three-pronged outlet like a standard extension cord.

If you run a very small business or have a tight budget, you can find manual roller models or magnetic floor sweepers ranging from $60 to $100. These low-end models are typically found in brick and mortar department stores, home improvement outlets, and even a few grocery stores. And of course, you can also purchase them over the Internet.

Machines like this are fine for basic cleaning jobs, but can't be relied upon for large, labor-intensive jobs. Nevertheless, popular models include those manufactured by Rubbermaid, Bissell, Carlisle, Hoover, and on the high end ($800 to $1,000), Oreck - capable of sweeping wet or dry surfaces.

Selecting the right floor sweeper

The type of floor sweeper you select will depend on how much floor space you need to clean, and the type of cleaning you need to do:

You won't find commercial sweepers through an appliances retailer. You'll either need to work directly with a manufacturer or with authorized floor care supply specialists. BuyerZone can help match you to multiple specialists who will find the right floor sweeper for your needs.

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