Floor Cleaning Machines

Floor Cleaning Machines

Tennant Carpet Extractors

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Tennant’s line of carpet cleaning equipment gives you a variety of options and maximum flexibility to clean in large or small spaces. Deep clean stains and odors with heavy duty, deep cleaning carpet extractors. Remove surface stains and odors with interim carpet extractors and Tennant’s ReadySpace® Rapid-drying Carpet Cleaning Technology, which provides fresh, clean carpets in minutes to reduce room and carpet area closure times.


This interim carpet extractor cleans small areas quickly with ReadySpace technology. The adjustable handle makes it easy to use and store.


This dual technology extractor meets your deep cleaning and interim cleaning needs and cleans large carpeted areas using Tennant’s ReadySpace technology.


This deep cleaning carpet extractor with simple controls and spray jets ensures consistent cleaning. Adjust the handle for comfort or convenient storage.​


This lightweight, durable, deep cleaning carpet extractor that can be used on a variety of carpets for outstanding cleaning performance.


This canister extractor combines a powerful 3-stage vacuum with innovative product and cleaning wand design for excellent performance, keeping your carpets looking cleaner, longer.

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