Collection Agencies

Collection Agencies

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Basics About the Statute of Limitations on Debt

Understanding the statute of limitations on debt will give you a better understanding of your company's legal rights for collecting on outstanding debts.

Real-World Collection Agency Rates

We've surveyed BuyerZone users to see what they're paying for collection agency services - here's a sample of the rates you're likely to see.

How Debt Collection is an Effective Strategy

A guide to the different debt collection strategies and techniques that debt collectors uses to collect money on past-due accounts.

Using a Lawyer Versus a Collection Agency to Collect Debt

Find out when using a lawyer and the courts is a better approach for recovering debt - and when a collection agency is the best choice.

Choose the Best Collection Agency

Hiring a collection agency can be a touchy subject - here's what to look for when choosing an agency to represent you.

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Adhering to Collection Agencies Laws

Can a collection agency sue for a debt? Our guide to collection agency laws and rights will help you choose a collection company that abides by the federal and local rules and regulations.

Collection Agency FAQ

What do collection agencies do? How does a collection company make money? Read our collection agency FAQ and learn all about rules and procedure to collect unpaid debt.

Finding the Best Utility Debt Recovery Service

It is important for utility companies to find the best utility debt recovery service to minimize the losses due to delinquent accounts.

Hiring an Asset Recovery Collection Agency

Asset recovery collection agencies can help you recover tangible assets, doing most of the tedious and time consuming work and allowing you to focus on your business.

How to Get Help in Collecting International Debts

Collecting international debts is not an easy task, hence the need for effective internal debt collection programs and the services of a debt collection company. That company must not be just any company but one that will be able to meet the creditor's collection needs.

The Four Debt Collection Stages

It's easy to get impatient and use aggressive tactics to get money that is owed to you, but going through the stages of debt collection in their proper order increases your chances of getting your money back.

Understanding the Debt Collecting Process

Debt collecting can be overwhelming for the small business owner. Here's why hiring a debt collector is a smart move.

What Do Collection Agencies Do?

Here's how collection agencies go about recovering the money that's owed you.

Why Debt Collection Is Essential to a Good Economy

Debt collection might have a bad reputation, but in fact the practice is essential to keeping the US economy running smoothly. Here's why.

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