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Finding Conference Tables

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A good conference table is essential to any office setting. The focal point of board rooms and meeting rooms a conference table can make a great impression on all who visit your office, as well as your employees who use them for interviews, training sessions and everyday meetings. Choosing the right conference table can bring a high level of professionalism to your business and furthering your success. Appearance is one concern when shopping for conference tables. Keep in mind the size of the table you will need, and how it will be used.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a conference tables and deciding on your meeting room design.

Construction and Dimensions

Most conference tables are made of wood with a mahogany or cherry finish. A higher-quality wood will likely be more expensive, but will also be more durable and last longer. Less expensive tables are made with wood that is coated with a glossy laminate to protect the surface.

Conference tables come in a variety of shapes from rectangular models, to oval, and even triangular designs. Tables can also have corners with steel brackets for additional security, or smooth rounded corners. Be sure to shop for a table shape that is useful, and expresses your style as a business.

Conference tables can range in size from 6' to 30' and larger. Decide how many people will be sitting at the table, selecting a size. A general rule of thumb is one seat for each foot of the table. Also, be sure to leave about 4' of space around the table to comfortably fit chairs and aisle ways.

Know the dimensions of your office and doorways, before making a purchase. A table that comes fully assembled, will need to fit into the room on arrival. If your space is too restrictive, you may want to c a consider table that requires assembly.


A quality conference table will range in price from $600 to $5,000. Anything below this price range, may not ensure longevity or durability. When purchasing a conference table, like any office furniture, be sure to double check the quality and materials. Depending on the finish, size, and style, conference tables come in a range of prices. While it's important to keep your budget in mind, it's also necessary to shop for style and function.

Conference Table Prices
Boat Shaped $2,449
Racetrack $634
Modular Racetrack $1099
Octagonal $877


A customized wooden conference table can be topped with marble, granite, or scratched glass. Depending on the furniture dealer, other custom features like decorative etchings or logos, drawers, compartments, and lecterns may be available.

Quality rating

The quality rating of a conference table will give you an idea of its strength and durability. Quality ratings are based on these four considerations:

Available Features

Depending on your meeting room purpose, there are a variety of conference table features from which to choose. Features like size and seating capacity are just as important as style and design, when choosing a conference table. The size of the conference table should be proportionate to the room in which it will be used and allow for easy access and walking space around the table. Ample seating for all employees is another important consideration.

Conference Table Options


When shopping for the right conference table, keep in mind how it will be used and the space it will occupy. A conference table used visual presentations will need to allow for natural light and audio visual equipment to be accessible.

Ergonomic chairs are another feature that will add to the usability of your conference table. Consider whether or not beverages and snacks will be served in this work space and choose accordingly. For high volume work areas, any table designed with glass should always be a tempered glass.

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