Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

E-Prescribing: A Look at the Benefits and Drawbacks of the System

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By Eric Michaels

If there is one thing that is always unanimous in debates about health care, it is the need to increase safety measures for patients. Horror stories about prescriptions are real: thousands of deaths occur every year because of confusion in the prescription process. E-prescribing is in many ways the answer to this frightening issue surrounding modern health care. Implementing e-prescription software in a family practice can help you increase efficiency, cut costs and potentially save lives.

The Basics of Electronic Prescribing

The old jokes about doctor's handwriting are no laughing matter. Mistakes often occur because pharmacists cannot read the writing on the paper patients are carrying. By shifting this process to computers, the guesswork is removed. Doctors can store a patient's medical history on the same program as prescription drug information. Immediately, the program will point out dangers of contraindication, suggest generic drug replacements and forward the information to pharmacies when complete. Pen never meets paper during the process.

Online Prescriptions

The Benefits of E-Prescribing

There are numerous benefits when shifting prescriptions to a totally electronic format. The most promising for family practices are

The Drawbacks

As with any digital upgrade, there are adjustments to make. Drawbacks include

Switching over to e-prescriptions requires some adjustments, but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. The safety of your patients, the most important factor of all, increases exponentially when using this system.

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