Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

SoftAid Frequently Asked Questions

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SoftAid EMR Are these systems adaptable to any practice? What if my practice grows?

Whatever your healthcare organization's size, structure or specialty, SoftAid systems can help. Our scalable architecture and innovative features were designed specifically to accommodate all providers, from a single computer office to multiple locations. You can add PCs to your network as your practice grows.

Is the system easy to learn?

Yes. In today's healthcare environment, staff personnel have many responsibilities. The increased patient loads and accompanying paperwork is often overwhelming. Our systems include complete help manuals and tutorials to keep the learning curve at a minimum. New users can operational in a matter of hours.

What computer equipment do I need?

For a complete description of what hardware and software you will need, see 'System Requirements'.

Will the systems run on a network?

Yes, SoftAid products run over most networks, including Windows NT, Lantastic, Novell and others.

Does the system provide direct electronic billing?

Yes. We facilitate direct electronic billing to government payers with our Direct EDI modules. A national clearinghouse is used for claims to private insurance companies.

Does it include all of the CPT and ICD-9 codes?

Yes, and we update them regularly and free of charge for support customers.

Does it handle billing for my medical specialty?

Yes. SoftAid's systems handle all types of medical billing including anesthesia, chiropractic, and neurological and medical equipment.

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