Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

SoftAid's The Medical Office Records Software

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Electronic health records (EHR) represent the next step in the evolution of medical software as it relates to patient care. While practice management systems are capable of increasing overall productivity and improving bottom line cash flow, the integration of EHR software expands on those benefits by further enhancing office workflow, minimizing paper-based redundancies and automating the selection of diagnosis and CPT codes based on chief complaints.

The Medical Office Records is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use electronic medical records software for healthcare providers of any size or specialty. The Medical Office Records does more than just log patient information. The software is designed to follow the flow of your patient visits, from chronicling patient histories and previous encounters to establishing new examination records via a series of provider-specific templates.


How The Medical Office Records Can Benefit You

Increases the time providers can spend with patients and automates their visits.


Office Workflow Features of The Medical Office Records

Core Functionality

Office Tools

Billing & Coding


Patient Care Features of The Medical Office Records

Encounter / SOAP Notes

Differential Diagnosis

Patient Administration

Consultations and Laboratory Testing

Prescription Writing


Document Management Features of The Medical Office Records

Document Management

Image Scanning


Optional Companions to The Medical Office Records

The Medical Officeuot - Practice Management

The Medical Office is a powerful medical management and billing software for healthcare providers of various specialties and sizes. Easily manage patient data, process electronic claims, schedule appointments and produce over 325 customizable reports in one comprehensive software package. An ASP version of the system is also available.

SofTalk Link Engine

The SofTalk Link Engine enables The Medical Office to bi-directionally interface with third-party software applications. Each link engine module runs in the background of your SoftAid software, and provides summary detail for applications such as Quickbooks, Peachtree, Crystal Reports and any of our strategic partners' programs. Link Engine modules can also be developed for any other third-party software, as needed. This seamless operation eliminates the need to manually export data and does not conflict with any other computerized operations.

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