Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

Visionary STAR

The process of patient care begins and ends with the patient chart. Often the practice struggles with maintaining, pulling and filing paper charts. Visionary STAR (document management) is integrated with Visionary DREAM EHR enabling the practice to convert paper charts to a digital format. Scan hard-copy documentation directly into the patient's electronic patient record. Any paper document or image from outside sources such as referral letters, discharge summaries and diagnostic results can be scanned and viewed in Visionary DREAM EHR. Get instant access to accurate information at your finger-tips through the EHR.

Visionary STAR allows the user to index and sort scanned documents by user defined folders accessible within Visionary DREAM EHR. These completely customizable folders can be associated by function, orders, specialty, etc. You can customize the workflow and use by provider preferences. Instead of waiting on staff to deliver charts, a provider can easily retrieve the scanned and categorized record of the patient.

Since Visionary STAR is totally integrated with Visionary DREAM EHR, the same user-level security prevents unauthorized users from accessing documents, images and other electronic data.


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