Electronic Medical Records - INACTIVE

Electronic Medical Records - INACTIVE

Why a Web Based EMR Solution Makes Sense for Your Practice

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Making the decision to use an EMR system in your practice is a step in the right direction. Using the system in a practice can streamline management and even make decisions based on past human interaction and actions. With features such as booking most appointments online, automatic appointment scheduling, and scanning/archiving capabilities, the system creates a significant return on investment.

In comparison to server-based programs, a Web based system has a lower upfront cost because users lease software on a subscription basis, rather than making a lifetime purchase. When looking at a Web based EMR system, there are many great advantages that make the investment worthwhile:

Web-based EMR


The basic system is priced, and then additional features can be added on. If you run a medical practice and wish to save on upfront costs and hardware requirements and make smaller payments over a longer period, then an EMR system is a great option. On average, costs can range from $10,000 to $50,000 for the initial system. Annual maintenance can cost an additional 15 percent per year.

The important thing to look at is how much a Web based EMR will save you - time for your employees, and money by identifying areas where expenses can be trimmed. In addition, making your practice much more efficient gives you the ability to increase your patient load.

Web based EMR (electronic medical records) systems have become a big hit with physicians and sales have even risen steeply; even seeing a 22 percent spike between 2010 and 2011, according to Healthcare-Informatics.com.

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