Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

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EMR Solutions Include Specific Features for Pediatric Practices

Be mindful that a pediatrician has needs that typical EMR software doesn't deliver to doctors. Find out what these features are and which companies provide solutions that serve these needs.

Real-world EMR Prices From BuyerZone Buyers

Interested in the prices BuyerZone users have paid for EMR software? We've collected their comments on what they've paid for electronic medical records software.

Optometry EMR Solutions Focus on Medical and Retail Business Components

Optometry is a unique area of medicine because of the retail aspect existing in this field. It's important that your system has the features that will support the needs of your patients.

5 EMR Systems That Offer a Personal Demo

An EMR system is a big investment for any practice. Testing these systems and software out will ensure that the features provided support and work for your practice. Read more about what to look for when testing and the best companies that offer test trials and live demos of their product.

Family Medicine EMRs Focus on Organization and Management

Family medicine providers often have the longest relationships with their patients. EMRs can streamline the process finding patient information, sending patient files, and accessing this data remotely. Learn about some considerations to keep in mind when dealing with an EMR supplier, and find out some of the best companies to work with.

Additional Electronic Medical Records Articles

A Review of EHR Standards

While the new EHR standards might seem a bit complicated, they've been designed to enhance data collection and sharing between providers, leading to better decision support and improved patient outcomes.

Benefits of Electronic Medical Records Storage

An outside service provider can store medical records with cost savings, security, and ease of accessibility.

Choose the Best EMR Software

By replacing all you paper charts with computer files, the best EMR software makes your office more efficient in many ways.

Choosing an Electronic Patient Medical Chart Solution

Choosing an electronic chart system is a critical purchasing decision for medical practices. Electronic charts replace paper patient charts with computer records: they store physicians' notes, x-rays, prescriptions, and any other medical information usually found in paper records in electronic form.

Cloud Based EHR

The cloud-based EHR programs offer a more convenient and secure solution to accessing health records, while saving money.

Computerized medical record software features

Aside from how they handle patient records, there are many other features offered by computerized medical records software.

EHR: A Good Prescription for Patients and Providers

Electronic health record solutions can be great for patients, as well as for providers; these programs, which are incentivized by the federal government, help make medical records more accessible and portable between provider offices.

EHR Implementation: Tips on Avoiding Common Blunders

Is your staff handling EHR implementation smoothly? Here are tips for avoiding 5 common blunders.

Electronic Medical Charts Are the Rx for Medical Practices

One of the biggest decisions to make when switching to electronic medical charts is how you will enter patient data. There are two aspects to this question: what method you'll use to enter information, and what equipment you'll enter it on.

E-Prescribing: A Look at the Benefits and Drawbacks of the System

E-prescribing presents a safer, more efficient way for doctors to write prescriptions. Here are the benefits and drawbacks.

FAQ: EHR Incentives

EHR incentives provide funding for medical organizations looking to upgrade their old record systems with newer, more integrated digital versions. Qualifying organizations involved in Medicare and Medicaid programs can receive five years worth of incentives if they meet the necessary obligations.

How to Buy a Dermatology EMR System

Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have very specific needs. Read our buyer's guide to find the right dermatology EMR system for your office.

How to Buy an Ophthalmology EMR System

Ophthalmology EMR systems generate templates specifically for ophthalmologists and make diagnosing, treating and prescribing much easier. Our buyer's guide will help you make the right choice for your office.

How to Buy a Podiatric EMR System

Podiatric EMR systems gives podiatrists the tools they need to diagnose, treat and refer patients, while maintaining the integrity of their files and tracking patient progress. Read our buyer's guide.

Implementing an EMR System

When a clinic switches over to a new EMR system, it requires a systematic approach to implementation. This article presents a few steps to help you roll out the new software.

Make the Switch to an EMR system for Your Patients

Electronic medical records or EMRs have various key benefits to a private practice, many of them evident when looking at what goes on inside the average provider's office.

Online Health Records: Easy Access for Doctor and Patient

Online health records are an important element of an electronic health record system. Access to information online can be convenient and helpful for you as well as for your patients.

Setting a New Standard for Doctors and Patients

Find out how electronic medical record (EMR) legislation can improve the care that doctors provide and positively impact patient health.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule: Four Business Basics

HIPAA privacy rules govern the use of patient health data. Businesses associated with the healthcare industry must be aware of key HIPAA points, such as security audits, employee training, and full disclosure to patients.

What To Analyze When Buying Medical Malpractice Insurance

What to consider when deciding to purchase the medical malpractice insurance you'll need to protect you against any potential treatment-related claims.

Why a Web Based EMR Solution Makes Sense for Your Practice

Learn what to expect from this type of EMR software, and what not to expect.

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