Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

Real-world medical billing service prices from BuyerZone buyers

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Not sure what to expect to pay for medical billing services? We surveyed our users and assembled a collection price ranges you can see below. Be sure to keep these in mind when connecting with a service provider.

Medical billing providers almost always charge a percentage of the money they collect. That percentage will change from one provider to another - in our sample, from a low of 4.25% to a high of 8%. The bigger your typical claim, the lower the percentage you can expect to pay.

The number of patients you see will also matter. The responses below are broken down into those that see fewer than 10 patients a day and those that see more: the more patients you see, the lower you can expect your rate to be.

Two of our responses describe flat-fee arrangements. Tellingly, both are chiropractors, who typically see a high number of patients for relatively low-cost visits. In these and other specialties that handle large numbers of low-cost claims, flat fee pricing can make more sense.

Finally, keep in mind that hiring a medical billing service should be a net positive for you're your practice's cash flow. The fee that they charge should be offset by increased collection of the money that's owed you. If, after a few months, you're not seeing an improvement in collections, you may want to reconsider the service.

Medical billing prices for practices that see fewer than 10 patients per day:

Medical billing prices for practices that see 10 or more patients per day:

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