Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

Orthopedic billing providers: Quest National Services and A&E Billing Solutions

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Orthopedic billing is most often used to simplify routine medical billing to process claims in a timely manner. Since orthopedic medicine is a specialty, orthopedic medical billing can be complex, encompassing a wide range of services and procedures.

As a result, many orthopedic practices may choose to outsource claims and billing to a third-party service to receive quick, accurate support in the form of weekly and monthly reports, account analysis, minimal turnaround time, and strict compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Healthcare offices looking for an orthopedic claim billing solution can compare two third-party billing services that stand out head and shoulders above the rest:

Quest National Services

Quest National Services provides numerous medical billing services that include cardiology, OB/GYN, radiology, urology, pediatric, mental health, endocrinology, and internal medicine billing. Quest also offers credentialing, coding solutions, and EMR/EHR software. Within their range of services, Quest promises faster reimbursements, low implementation fees, and increased collections with 100% HIPAA compliance.

Quest offers orthopedic practices the opportunity to boost revenue while decreasing claim rejections, with other benefits like:

Orthopedic billing services include claim billing, A/R services, collections, denial appeals, DOB analysis, and detailed reporting. Quest promises timely payouts on claims, past-due claims paid with interest, submitted claims that are not bundled, and fees for service claims that are not capitated in error.

A and E Billing Solutions

A&E Billing Solutions provides healthcare offices with accurate and efficient service with more than 20 years of experience in pediatric, general orthopedic, orthopedic spine surgery, cardiology, anesthesiology, physical therapy, and ophthalmology services. A&E is skilled in the use of leading billing and practice management software that includes Altapoint, Medisoft, Practice Partner, Prime Clinical, Alteer, and Medical Manager.

A&E offers unique coding and billing support for orthopedic and spine care practitioners in facilities where complex coding and fast reimbursement are of the utmost concern. In order to ensure expedited claim reimbursement, A&E offers "clean claims" that are free from errors in the coding and billing process.

A&E reveals that approximately 40% of all spine surgery claims are processed incorrectly by third-party billing services due to common errors like patient registration misinformation, incorrect insurance data, lack of proper documentation, invalid diagnosis, or lack of medical necessity.

For this reason, A&E sticks to strict reimbursement guidelines and utilizes the most up-to-date coding and billing techniques that are industry-specific to orthopedic and spine specialists, with advanced billing available for even the most cutting-edge surgical techniques.

An orthopedic practitioner with multifaceted billing needs may prefer a diverse service like Quest that provides numerous choices in medical billing with EMR/EHR solutions. A smaller practice or a specialized surgical center will do well with billing support from A&E since they focus specifically on advanced coding and fast claim processing for orthopedic care practitioners.

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