Medical Practice Management Software

Medical Practice Management Software

Resolve Compliance Requirements So You Can Focus on Your Patients

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The laws and standards that now govern the medical industry as a result of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are essential to the privacy of your patients. But with the rapidly-changing nature of technology, these regulations are frequently amended, making compliance a full-time job. When it comes to running a successful practice - and one that's in full compliance - reliable medical practice management software can help.

These specialized platforms, often geared to your unique specialty, are designed specifically for today's doctors. They give you the support necessary to chart the right course and make sure you stand up well to all outside audits and assessments.

Among the more common aspects related to these services are:

But these benefits, while capable of saving you substantial time and money, mean little if you get stuck with HIPAA penalties due to some aspect of non-compliance. So when evaluating any medical practice management solution, regulatory compliance should be at the top of your list of concerns.

Medical practice management and HIPAA compliance

HIPAA governs the use of patient health information, or in other words, a patient's identity and medical information. Many aspects of this, including the patient's name and their specific health issues, are prohibited from being shared, either within an office or beyond its walls.

Medical providers have to make sure that patient information is protected on computers, on documents, and even within staff conversations in the office. They also need to draft communications and social media policies that comply with HIPAA. Medical Practice Management (MPM) software can help by automating some of the training involved and providing secure environments for digital information.

Medical billing compliance

In addition to privacy laws, your practice will need to comply with a wide range of medical billing protocols in order to get paid for the services you provide. This is another area where medical practice management software can be extremely valuable.

Superior MPM services provide templates that include assessment tools for ICD-9 or diagnosis codes, CPT or procedure codes, and the patient's identity information, as well as other details like places of service (office locations where services were provided). This helps a practice remain in full compliance while also keeping its revenue cycle running smoothly.

Other government regulations and meaningful use

The HITECH government incentive around EHRs or digital medical records involves certain compliance requirements that dictate how doctors use these revolutionary tech tools to earn their meaningful use incentive payments. Some vendors have designed their medical practice management software to assist in this kind of compliance and handle the details necessary to ensure the practice qualifies for meaningful use.

It's worth noting that government programs like Medicare and Medicaid have their own drafts of applicable regulations.

This article from AAPC outlines even more of the rules and regulations American doctors must address, and examines how many practices boost the value and success of their practice management program by creating a credentialed point person responsible for handling compliance issues.

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