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Medical Practice Management Software

WEBeBiller - Independent Biller

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WebeBiller®, is a system designed by WebeDoctor® to accommodate Independent Billers by simplifying the processing of medical insurance claims. It is the only Internet based solution a biller will ever need to generate and transmit claims to Medicare, Medicaid, and HMO/Commercial Insurance carriers. WebeBiller® is the most powerful and state of the art Internet solution for online electronic Insurance claim submission. As a result, payments are processed and received in as little as five to ten days, as opposed to the six to twelve weeks normally associated with conventionally submitted paper claims.

WebeBiller has an integrated intelligent electronic claim editor, which can help to ensure maximum claim acceptance by automatically checking each claim for omissions and data-entry errors before it ever reaches the insurance company. WebeBiller® is able to stay on top of payer-specific changes and industry trends, thereby we guarantee the highest possible rate of acceptance of your claims, on the first try! In short, insurance carriers are far less likely to reject a claim created by the WebeBiller® system than with any other method of submission.

One big dilemma for billers is to collect on outstanding bills from patients and insurance companies. About 40% of open patient balances go uncollected for up to 120+ days. WebeBiller's powerful statement generating features directly address this problem. Patient Day Sheet and Patient Ledger can help a biller and the facility they serve by providing the exact amount owed to the facility. WebeBiller® includes many features:

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